ADOT to make $334,550 improvements to Port of Entry


The Arizona Department of Transportation will begin a project to renovate the existing Port of Entry facility in Parker, AZ on Tuesday, October 13th.

Crews are scheduled to work weekdays from 6am to 5pm. Work is taking place alongside the road and traffic impacts are not anticipated. The $334,550 project consists of updating the existing structure with a new layout, fresh paint and improved canopy.

The project is anticipated to be completed in February 2016.


  1. John Nault

    that’s doesn’t my any sense.

  2. Süd Schiller

    I guess that couldn’t have been better spent elsewhere. Government waste at its finest!

  3. Tim Mariscal

    They need to open it back up with drug dogs!!

  4. Lucky Warner

    Ridiculous waste of money! !

  5. Thad Nickoley

    Cool, they can hire people to stand there and wave at you as you slow down! WTF!

  6. Rollie Smith

    Why? has anyone missed it being opened, they never did anything anyway there it seems other that the Parker police hiding there with their radar getting people coming in across the bridge.

  7. Martha Marentes Hurtado

    Can’t they donate some of it to the schools , here in Parker . And the torn up streets like Bronco .

  8. Need to update it for more “revenue generation” from truckers, and it will double as an unconstitutional checkpoint as well, complete with drug dogs and Sheriff’s deputies looking for asset forfeiture cash!

    Germany had checkpoints too!!!

    Wake up people! While you were sleeping your government along with the fourth estate sold you out!!!!

    Don’t wait to learn how to RESIST, train your DNA and your kids as well NOW while you still have a chance!

    The jews never thought it could happen to them…..

  9. Why?? I have never seen any activity there. Complete waste of TAXPAYER money!

  10. defunct eyesore is what it is…it’d make a better parking lot

  11. Melinda Barnett

    I agree, why? I’m sure there is something better here that would benefit from that much money!!! A big waste!!

  12. Paulette Cramer

    This has been going on for months, same with two new super gas stations in Parker. They are on the Rezs so here we have Indian time, Mexican time and USA. We say get er done already.

  13. Paulette Cramer

    Also Parker trucker truck stop 2 millon renovation has been going on for one and a half years. After two years the Chinese Rest. is still rebuilding with only a skelton done. Different pace here.

  14. Carrie Crickette

    Thank you Parker Live for the updates.

  15. DOT Spends 2 million dollars so that snowbirds can turn left to get to the Desert Bar and no one says a word. $330,000 on the weigh station and you all lose your minds. Hilarious.

  16. Unreality check,
    Do they issue fines at that turn lane because your papers are not in order? Do they violate your 4th amendment rights at that turn lane? Are people safer after going through a DOT checkpoint, or are their wallets just lighter?

    Go back to sleep, and remember the State is your friend!

  17. Marie Mullins

    I didn’t lose anything in california. No biggie.

  18. Micheal, your tin foil hat is on too tight, you may want to loosen it up a little.

  19. Realitycheck=headinthesand

    Good luck with that!

  20. Cynthia Clark

    About time, they need to start stopping these semi’s and checking them for violatoins.

  21. First they came for the semi drivers,
    But I wasn’t a semi driver so I did not care.

    Then they came for the four wheelers,
    But I didn’t have a four wheel vehicle
    so I did not care.

    Then they came for the bikers
    but I rode a bicycle so I did not care

    Then they came for people with bicycles
    And there was nobody left to care!

    History doesn’t repeat exactly but it sure does rhyme!

    Wake up, sleepy time is over!!!!!!!

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