Viewfinder: T-Mobile doubles capacity

T-Mobile is doubling the capacity of its Parker, AZ tower, upgrading ahead of the winter season when Parker’s resident numbers swell to many times the number of full-time residents. The work has been carried out with a 200-foot crane near the intersection of 8th Street and Desert Avenue in Parker, and affecting the signal for T-Mobile customers for many miles around.

Photos via Ted Sutton






  1. Michael Ramos

    Bye bye ATT welcome T-Mobile

  2. Parker Live Updates

    AT&T’s new tower with LTE speeds just went in last October.

  3. Johna Cannon

    Why does it seem verizon does not get good service there now?

  4. Dustin Mooneyham

    AT&T has good service here now Michael

  5. Süd Schiller

    hallelujah even though I prefer not to be bothered on vacation

  6. Amber Nicole Bazilius

    Debbie Bazilius now I can come to parker

  7. Julian Najm

    Michael Sevillano woo hoo

  8. Robert Shank

    Now if verizon would have service up-river on weekends. Frustrating

  9. Jimmy A Laws

    Are they making it so tmobile customers have 4g in parler? Probably not.

  10. Debbie Bazilius

    Bout time… Now pack up yourself & my babies & come to Parker ????

  11. Debbie Bazilius

    Plzzzzzz just for a visit… I have gas money ????

  12. All upgrades being done to T-Mobile Towers are with 4G LTE. Yes you will have 4G LTE in that area once conpleted. It is also located within an area where T-Mobile has licensing for newer technology that allows the towers to shoot at least twice the distance they currently do. Enjoy!

  13. Delma Pino

    Those are band 12 antennas. Or what T-Mobile calls Extended LTE. You might need a new phone to use it though.

  14. Jimmy A Laws

    I have a galaxy s4. I just started getting 4g in Havasu 5 or 6 months ago.

  15. Throw away your phone
    Talk to your neighbors!!!

  16. When will this be completed and go into affect?

  17. Not certain about that John. You may need to call T-Mobile about that. I know it took a while for AT&T to bring theirs online even after the work up the tower was completed.

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