Viewfinder: Heavy load passes underneath lifted wires

Piazza Trucking hauls a heavy load slowly through the town of Parker, with bucket trucks lifting power lines and other cables ahead of it as the cargo passes underneath. Seven axles help spread the weight across 84 wheels, with capacity for a load of many tons.





  1. it was parked at the port of entry on going towards quartsite as it was leaving town of parker and also when it came across the bridge that connects California and Airzoina boarder

  2. Here’s a heavy load going down the same roads other truckers pay thousands of dollars in fines for not moving their rear axles.

    Cognitive dissonance at its finest!

  3. I lived in Parker for 33 years I’ve been gone for 4 years. But those pics. Don’t look familiar at all. Can someone please tell me where these were taken. When did Parker get a tattoo shop.

  4. Chris I believe Parker has at least three tattoo shops. This was taken on California Avenue facing east (railroad off to the left).

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