Guy swipes famous skeletons, puts them on his balcony

UPDATE: Martin Sholl admits to taking the skeletons in the comments section below. He says he did it because he was the person who first spotted them in May, and was never mentioned by name in the international news that followed. He blames Lt. Bagby for this, and Parker Live (despite never contacting us a single time). Sour grapes, it appears. Anyway, ‘mystery’ solved!

UPDATE 2: The story makes national news a second time after other publications pick up the story from Parker Live. Link to a great summary in New York Magazine HERE.


In a discovery that provoked anger Friday, the resident of a riverfront house has apparently swiped Bernie and Bernadette, the famous skeletons that made international news earlier this year, from the bottom of the river and put them on his balcony.

Buckskin Fire Department confirmed the removal of the popular couple from their home on the riverbed, and the firefighters reportedly did not welcome the find. Buckskin’s dive team were first to photograph the skeletons when a local snorkeler asked Parker Live media contributor Michael Collins to call 911, thinking they were real.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Curt Bagby said he asked Buckskin to check on recent reports of the skeletons’ new whereabouts, and said they confirmed it Friday. Parker Live can report that Bernie and Bernadette are now on the Arizona side of the Colorado River near Badenoch’s.

“Technically speaking there’s nothing we can do about it,” Bagby said. “But it’s sad that someone would remove them. They should ashamed to take something for themselves that the community likes so much.”

Bernie at home, where tourists have visited him since May 2015
Bernie at home, where tourists have visited him since May 2015

An anonymous tip left on this website named the person who has allegedly swiped Bernie and Bernadette, and claimed it is the same person who spotted them while snorkeling earlier this year. Parker Live will not name and shame, because we can’t verify the accuracy of the identity of the individual who resides at the house.

Bagby added that there is a way to make this right. “I talked to Chief Chambers [at Buckskin] and he said if the guy will give them back, they will take them back down where they were and re-secure them.”

Given the instant legend the skeleton story became after extensive media coverage, the Parker area community generally feels that the skeletons belong to the whole community, rather than one individual. Will the person responsible for taking Parker’s ghostly mascots do the right thing?

For the original Bernie The Skeleton articles, CLICK HERE.


  1. Mike Rowe

    What an ####### give me the address and will put them back.

  2. Open letter to person who originally placed skeletons.
    Dear Sirs or madams,
    PLEASE file police report requesting return of your skeletons from THIEF who stole them. Plenty of people are more than willing to replace them in the spot where you originally placed them and secure them so INCONSIDERATE THIEFS can not STEAL THEM AGAIN.

  3. Candi Evans

    Did he not care someone would notice? ####

  4. Gindy Lynn Wilson

    What a ####!!!! Put them back

  5. Tami Garcia Slusher

    That’s NOT cool…buy your own skeletons.

  6. Angela Nez

    this is why we can never have anything nice…!

  7. John Banks

    What if he was the guy who found them and was just upset he was never named lol

  8. Süd Schiller

    is this satire? or does the sheriff really have nothing better to do than implant trash back into the river?

  9. Kerry Parker

    Someone always ruins it everyone else.

  10. Jennifer De Jordy

    You can’t blame him. If it wasn’t for this guy they would have never been noticed. So be thankful.

  11. Jan Fabey M

    Wow really how sad. So not cool. Let Buckskin PD/ FD them back and get your own.

  12. Melissa N Michael

    It’s not trash! Since it was found its get more people to come down. It’s a positive reflection for good humor in the community.

  13. Marianna Benner

    Why is the question I wanna know, we’re they drunk or just stupid and generally apathetic anyway the story goes on. I say they belong in the river, lock em down there, they don’t look happy on that deck.

  14. Very disappointing…..leave what has amused so many in so many places globally alone. I’m sure whoever pulled them up doesn’t understand it’s not “cool” to ruin things that others really enjoyed

  15. Rafa Solaiza Sr.

    Really. …. …. all kinds of other stuff going on in Parker. And you fools post this!!! Who cares? I don’t!!!! PHS Volleyball team ranked #1…… last weekend an awesome reunion….. the weather is perfect….. anyways….. have a safe weekend Parker community. .

  16. Laquitta Slusher

    What a ####. Whoever did it needs to give them back and get a life.

  17. Süd Schiller

    melissa you’re naive to think people are going to come to parker to see wal mart halloween decorations… its not humor its terrible uneducated law enforcement, because they are too inundated helping the community with this. they aren’t trained to decipher a real corpse before it was announced on the news?

  18. How pathetic are you you. You’ll get your 5 mins of fame but I’ll be there soon to get them back ????

  19. Who really cares? At least now people on the river can see them … no one saw them at the bottom of the river.

  20. Are these people from California? If you know their names, Parker Live may not want to post their names but someone else should.

  21. Hahahaha too funny! You guys get all worked up over this, meanwhile your county Thugernment eats you alive, DAILY!!!!!

    When I first saw your headline I read “Bagby, you should be ashamed.”

    This is news? OK maybe not but is this really more important than the reaming we’re getting on a daily basis in Dan Field and John Drum/LarrynHolly Irwin and Clapperton Kounty?

    Really? Really John???

    Underwater crime fighting figure Bagby sure is earning his stripes! What’s this cost us 100K (150 to 175 with benefits) a year?

    And what’s with this promoting cops who live out of town? Quartzsite tried that too ( thanks dan field, see how failure ideas follow you? Do you care? Didn’t think so!) and it ended in disaster. If you are getting a check paid for with tax dollars, you should have to live IN the community who is paying you!!!

    Thanks for the laugh John!

  22. Hmm….this is a case for Sherlock Bones!

  23. Corey Evan Shelton

    I’ve been on more dive adventures to the location of the ” Halloween decorations” then any other spot on the river also have seen multiple other divers at this location not trying to argue we all have an opinion but that was always a fun dive.

  24. Only one comment made above has even come close to “WHY!” the couple have been moved, made by John Banks, he’s a real smart fella. Thank you John. Truth is… (while most of us think there are more important things to report in the news) MARTY had felt a little upset that his name was” intentionally” left out of every story relating to the skeletons. Marty alone discovered the wonderful gift the couple had left on the bottom of our River. WHY did they do that? I think it was selfish and mean. If not for the adventurous personality and intense nature of Marty’s need to look in the River, these things would have never been discovered. And… while some ##### guy who wares a badge and uniform has his fun taunting a guy who’s only asking to be mentioned by name “just” once, takes the spotlight in what he said as “Finely!!! something good that came out of La Paz County”. I cant believe that the man in uniform who’s been placed in the position he’s in, see’s this!!! as the only good that thing to come from our county. I can think of MANY more good things about La Paz county , Cant you? God, that was the comment that was made about us… on National news, thanks for making La Paz county look LAME to the whole world. Here’s a part of Marty’s skeleton story that no one knows about. Just a couple of months shy of a year before Marty found the skeletons, his life had been changed traumatically when he discovered the body of a close friend (who drown) on the bottom of the River. Marty’s friend Jackson lost his young life off docks of Marina Manor, sadly, Marty was the one (of many who searched that night) to find the body( and didn’t take it very well.) We all deal with death in different way’s, and Marty’s way was to keep looking in the River. Marty found this as his way to sort of heal from the loss of Jackson. That is why Marty was so freaked out when he found what he thought, were dead people in the water. So while everyone wants to laugh at, make fun of, taunt, tease, call names, play games with, bully, and gang up on him, for moving the skeletons, put yourself in his snorkel for a minute. The fact that they were fake had to be comforting to Marty in his mind a sort of healing from a traumatic event ,maybe someone should ask him why he would do such a thing , moving them like he did. Maybe this guy (BTW, Marty is special) and could benefit mentally if someone would recognize him for doing something good. Is it so much to ask? Or… should we continue to follow the STUPIDITY of some guy in uniform who’s ego is clearly out of control!
    Instead of playing little games with people who are considered special, maybe he should be driving around our County so he can see ALL of the good things here in La Paz, he seems to have missed alot over the past decade. Maybe Marty just needs someone to talk to. You make the call.

  25. We all have problems! That is no excuse for stealing the skeletons. Would you be so understanding if it was a 20yo who was “special”? If you are a friend of the thief perhaps you could “help” him return what isn’t his.

  26. the MARTY thats posting comments is not me. Go to my facebook , martin sholl.and see why i took them

  27. I’m going to say one thing and it’s something that mostly of us were told when we were young. Why take something that isn’t yours? Yeah there are more issues in Parker I grew up there but come on stealing under water skeletons lol. Maybe they should worry about Parker issues instead of taking something that isn’t theirs. Ohhh and you better lock those down because what goes around comes around.

  28. Yes i took the skeletons. I didnt use a scuba tank and i wont need the help of the buckskin fd divers if i decide to return them. I snorkeled down there, about 45FT, and got them by hand, one at a time. Ive had them on my balcony for about 2 weeks now. Why did i do it? Basically, just to piss off #### Bagby. When i found them, i had really only seen one. Bernadette. My eyes are not that great and it was really deep and i couldnt see the wig and sunglasses but i could see bones and a skull, about the right size for an adult. im not gonna lie. It was pretty scary. Last summer i found my friends body about 15ft down who had been missing for half the day not too far away from there. i had to tell his girlfriend who was right there and watched her watch buckskin divers pull out his body. its terrible. Anyway my phones battery was dead so i borrowed a phone at the launch ramp and in twenty minutes every cop in Parker was there. Fire truck, ambulance, buckskin fd’s boat too. They wanted me to go on the boat and show them where i saw it. Its funny how Bagby said. “we do this kind of thing all the time” because they had no clue what they were doing. ( not talking about Buckskin FD, they did know) #### When the diver was in the water, i had to tell the cops, “hey guys, he’s on this side”, as i watched them all stareing in the water on the wrong side of the boat. i guess they didnt teach, ” follow the bubbles” at the academy. When the diver came up it was obvious that i was wrong. Not only was he laughing his ass off, but he didnt stop laughing. That guy was funny. He didnt give a crap about the cops stareing at him wanting to know what he saw, he just kept on laughing, really hard. I wanted to laugh but i was too busy feeling stupid and not only that but i knew i had to get in my homemade contraption, a paddle boat that i threw a small motor in, and leave in front of all of them. i asked them if i was gonna get billed for all this, not that i would even open it if i did, and they said no. After they got my phone number and info in case they needed to get a hold of me, i went to my friends riverhouse and told them about my bad call. They called me later and said it was on the internet so I checked it out. Skeleton Tea Party. it was funny. The next day when my friend called and told me that the chaos i created was on every news morning show in the country, i was shocked. It sucked when i found out they didnt mention me at all. They kept talking about Bagby. ####### The story and video went Viral and and still i was “the snorkeler”. I called the Pioneer and asked them why i wasnt mentioned and they said that Bagby thought that i didnt want to be because i was too embarressed. They had my info. He could have asked me. I guess he thought he was so smart that he already knew the answer. I told the Pioneer that it was ok and they said they would when it came out in the paper. ######### im not saying i didnt want my little moment of fame. Who wouldnt. After all i am the one that found them and started it all. Who gets the opportunity to be in a story that goes worldwide? not that many people. He then insults me by saying, “Id say his name now but i dont want to pronounce it wrong so i just wont say it”, as they both laugh. The rest of it is just two dudes flirting with each other. That ###### says i stole the skeletons from the community, but Bagby was the one who wanted to take them out and keep them at the police station! It says so in an article on the website. They didnt even tell the public where they were! He’s talking about “his community”. The LaPaz County Sheriffs. Arrest me then Bagby. He cant because i didnt break the law. He’s pouting like a baby. thats all. And thats all i have to say. Oh.. also Yes i plan on putting them back in the water after Halloween so people can actually get a chance to see them. but sorry Bagby, they’re gonna stay on the rez. Anyone is welcome to come by and check them out.

  29. Parker resident, thanks for connecting the dots. It really is sad what others will do to keep the failures running the establishments shit show alive. Here in Quartzsite we had a similar situation where a guy was courageously fighting Bagby’s good friend Jeff Gilbert. He was even thrown in Jail for over a month for something he was innocent of and NOBODY reported about it because their stories were more important. He split the state soon after that and Gilbert hung on for over a year longer.

    Meanwhile when I had rock solid info of a meth dealing burglary ring, and someone willing to be an informant, Bagby wouldn’t even see me or take a call. The cops in Quartzsite said Bagby would not see me because of what I did to expose his friend Jeff Gilbert.

    The new owner of the skeletons should keep them. It’s not illegal what he did, and Bagby knows this, this is why they are trying to shame him. If these skeletons had a sign around them saying what douche bags Bagby and Drum are there would’ve been fines to pay, or worse!

    You should be ashamed John.

  30. And no i am not “SPECIAL”. My RESIDENT friend thinks she’s funny and im at her river house right now getting ready to throw her ass in the river as soon as she reads this.

  31. Anyway… You cant convict a person for stealing if they find discarded trash and then take it home. Unless the law has changed and you can be arrested for picking up trash. But your missing the point here. Lets try to stay on the subject. Why would Marty’s name be intentionally left out of this story time after time. So again I ask,” Is that to much for?” Everyone has a comment to make, without even knowing the details surrounding the subject they are commenting on.

  32. Glad he took them out of the river. No need for garbage to at the bottom. It effects the environment and is nothing more then littler. I say thank you for taking trash out of the river!

  33. Jen Fisher

    This is why we can’t have nice things

  34. Some comments moderated for containing insults, which aren’t fun and are against the site rules. Marty- this week was the first time I heard you named as ‘the snorkler’ and would’ve been happy to hear your side if you had ever contacted this site, a single time. Roth- Yes, sometimes unconsequential news is still newsworthy, as you can tell by the number of comments (and as I can tell by the 12,000-and-climbing view figures!) on this post. A followup story on the only worldwide coverage Parker has ever had; that’s right in my wheelhouse. 🙂 Put it in a category along with those beautiful Parker postcards I have up, if it helps.

  35. Laquitta Slusher

    Sholl needs to put on his big boy panties and get over it. Cry baby.

  36. John,
    The original story, yes go ahead and report it. And report it accurately, including the person who found them. It’s a fun story, I agree. But Bagby is nothing to the story. A blind man can see that. And this latest story is sensationalism.


    When are you going to do a documentary on the 20+ year failure called Dan Field? Or would you lose your special get out of jail card for that?

  37. Kandi Scott

    Wanted his 15 mins of fame give me a break!

  38. Gindy Lynn Wilson

    Haha are you kidding me, how old are you Martin Sholl? So I take it you’re a attention whore well here’s your 15 minutes of fame you wanted. Grow the hell up and put them back!!!!

  39. Oh yes that card is in the special place in my wallet! Never know when I might need it.

  40. Martin Sholl you are “special”. I don’t know how old you are but you act like you are in junior high. You steal things because you didn’t get your 5 minutes of fame? If you are mad at someone discuss it or punish them not the whole community. But seriously you need some help!

  41. Candi Evans

    Scroll by if you don’t like it.

  42. Candi Evans

    Well I hope now he makes the news in an inmate outfit.

  43. Candi Evans

    Always has to be one rude person in a post bashing the Sheriff’s dept. Sure hope you never need help from them.

  44. Rafa Solaiza Sr.

    Just my opinion….. I believe we are entitled to that…… lol…. just as you are. Thank you for your suggestion!!! Back to your life…. and I will go back to mine..

  45. Danny Crayton

    Nobody asked you! Hahaha I farted and talking shit! He’s a cry baby #####.

  46. Tina Runkle

    He must crave attention, or didn’t get any as a child. What a jerk!

  47. Candi,
    Good luck getting help from the Sheriffs office. Bagby is political before he’ll ever be a Peace Officer.

    Here in Quartzsite we have a meth problem, you’d think the task force would follow up on every lead, not true if you’re Bagby.

    But a couple plastic skeletons in the river, the world can’t wait one minute. Pathetic!

  48. when did i break any law? swiped them from who? when i dove down and got them a few weeks ago they had already been vandalized. the sheriffs had already wired some dumb sign around Bernadette and put a cheap plastic kids firehat on it, altering it from its original state. But i forgot it belongs them right?. And. i love how the this town dont need to know a.single thing about what they are talking about, spending not even one minute to research the subject they are talking about to shoot off at the mouth in the comment section.

  49. Wow. Someone just offered me $1000 each for them! Who wants them more? Come on Bagby! Do i hear 2 get out of jail free cards and a plastic firehat?

  50. The spelling and grammar in this comments section is atrocious.

  51. And you thought people were laughing at you before. You definitely are the joke of the town now.

  52. Ohhhhh, I get it now! Little Marty Sholl you’re using the skeletons as an excuse to talk crap about someone you don’t like. WHO CARES!!!!!!!! LET IT GO, YOU SELF ABSORBED CRY BABY!!
    You even verbally attacked the writer of the damn article! So what got your panties in a wad recently that made you go down and remove the skeletons and display them on your balcony? Since your wannabe famous discovery was in May of this year and Bernie had been in his underwater bliss since August of 2014! Either you have a hidden agenda or you’re just slow with the comebacks.
    I’ve heard this saying more than once in my life and I’m sure you’ve heard it too but I’m gonna share it with you anyway. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Now if you can’t understand that, handle it, or just plain get over it and let it go well then I suggest you stay up on your balcony and let the adults play in town.

  53. To Mr. sholl- how do you suppose the original divers who placed them there feel? I’m sure they wanted them left alone where they placed them. Time, money and creative effort was spent on them. As for fact checking….45 feet and pulled them up? Pretty confident that is not possible without being a good free diver…not to mention the currents. The two divers that did this have never sought attention of any kind…do the right thing and put them back in the 26 feet or so of water they where in. Bernie would tell you it’s time based on what’s on his left wrist.

  54. Marianna Benner

    So does anyone know if he is going to do the right thing and put them back?

  55. Apparently Mr. Sholl isn’t unfamiliar with run ins with the law. So I wonder if his dislike of Officer Bagby stems from that.

  56. I saw traffic and a hunting/fishing violations. Maybe he’s a terrorist too. Cage him John. You and Bagby could collab on a tv show, you could be Parker Strip’s version of Starskey and Hutch

  57. …meanwhile in other news, no progress on graffiti removal at Idiot Rock…now there’s some trash I’d like to see gone.

  58. Brandy Frew

    Jesus, I don’t let my 3 year old throw tantrums this ridiculous Marty. Grow up, you’re acting like a child, not a member of a community. People like you make it REAL hard to have faith in humanity.

  59. Marty, you made national news FOX 10 this am 10/27/15…..

  60. Cool. im supossed to contact the az republic today also. I want to clear one thing up. People are saying that i am the cry baby. They are wrong.. ITS YOU. YOU ARE THE ONES WHINING. THE ONES WHOS PANTIES R IN A BUNCH. As u might have noticed, i didnt whine or pout about this (call that pulling a Bagby) , i was too busy DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And just because somebody writes “the community is furious” doesnt mean u are. A good example

  61. A good example are the first 5 or so commenters. These people are the “sheep” of society. The ones that couldnt think for themselves.Dont worry ur not alone. My family was right there with u. The only support ive had has been from my friends , who have known about me wanting to do this for a while. We all thought it was funny and we laughed our asses off. thanks

  62. The two comments left at the New York mag are funny

  63. OMG, you are still crying Mr Sholl??? The Divers that put them down there are not even looking for 1 second of fame and it was their skeletons and their creativity. This is about putting Parker on the map, noone cares about you, you are just a thief.

  64. Well Mr Sholl, now you’re famous… and the world is laughing at how pathetic you are.

  65. Wow, All my posts taken down?? Freedom of speech?? What did I say that was not to your liking???

  66. I thought you were a freedom of speech guy there John. Have I been proven wrong??? Roth are you out there. Proves your point!

  67. I mean ALL my posts?? What the hell did I do? Thought all the stuff I said was just TRUE!

  68. “To go along with the County song and dance, truth is not encouraged, radical speech containing truthful comments will result in immediate deletion. Shut up slave, stay ignorant. All forms of speech will be regulated. We must and will control the narrative” – Rule 196, paragraph 3 of Dan Field Government Operating Manual

    Don’t remember what you said exactly but it probably broke Rule 196

    You’ve got Freedom of Speech, just watch what you say!!!!

    John doesn’t make the rules he just enforces them. ????

  69. I think the term for this guy is Douche.

  70. Not sure which posts you’re talking about, wedostupidright. The only comments ever removed from this site are those which slander or libel or insult people, or which aren’t a response to the topic of the thread. (And even then, I prefer hash marks over outright deletion where possible, as you can see above.)

  71. Also, Roth – this site is littered (literally) with scores of comments of yours criticizing me and the job I’m doing. They’re all still there, aren’t they?

  72. All there except those that you completely deleted. Bad deflection try! You can BS some of the people some of the time but you can’t BS all the people all of the time!

    And I’m not criticizing you Johnny boy, maybe I’m trying to show you there is a better way. You can be twice the man you are now but…… Like they say, you can lead a horse to water……..

    I sincerely do appreciate your half hearted efforts, but can you please try harder? I mean, how much more in taxes and corruption can Dan Field Kounty handle???

    The truth is out there folks!!!

    And wedostupidright I saw your posts here, I don’t recall anything that violated the rules, I should know, right Johnny?

  73. Roth, you must be (AKA Sholl) the one and same idiot. We are done/tired of you both. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are both a JOKE.

  74. Nope, not the same Parker Native. Discernment escape you often?

    You mean you’ve lived here all your life and you tolerate this shit? Joke’s on you skippy!!!!

  75. Arizona Scuba Diver

    I am a scuba diver and many of us enjoy visiting places like the “Skeleton Tea Party”.Kudos to the two very creative and clever divers that had a great idea and created a fun dive site. To this day they are still anonymous. Its unfortunate Mr. Sholl that you removed them to receive media coverage when I feel the real accolades should go to the creators. In my opinion, as a diver you should only leave bubbles and take pictures. But I guess that doesn’t apply to you since the article stated you were a snorkeler. Bernie and Bernadette were someone else’s idea and they were not lost or forgotten before being discovered. It appears as though you have now received your 15 minutes of fame and taken the opportunity to bash the Sheriff’s department (not recommended). It amazes me what people will do for attention. So finish up with your little escapade and return them to their watery enclave where Bernie and Bernadette can continue to converse on current events and watch the fish go by.

  76. Yo John! I think what you guys are doing here is a good thing. You just a tad sensitive to some things. This town used to be a great place to live. Been here over 50 years myself. Seen the good times and now the bad. You have a useful platform here and can do a lot of good if you choose. You some like a sensible guy on the radio. Just not the same here. It is probably your keepers that don’t like the stuff that shows up here. I can see you grinning at most of the posts. If you are as keen as I think you are then you already KNOW first hand of the dirty deeds that go on in this KKounty. You just need to show it.

  77. Sensitive? Nah. But you and Roth love to throw allegations and I’ll occasionally bring myself to respond. (Getting sucked into the Roth Vortex isn’t my favorite pastime!)

    As for reporting on local government, we’ve always done our share of that (you’ve also got to remember that responsible reporting can take a while sometimes). Anyway. Have a great weekend.

  78. Done your share of reporting on the local gubermint, hahahaha ha, good one!

    Don’t know what yer afraid of John, step into the wind, you might just like it!

  79. Parker Native (AKA Skippy)

    Yes, I have lived here my whole life and I love it. Maybe you need to move to a place where people would enjoy and tolerate your shit, we do not. You are obviously a miserable person and need to move elsewhere. I am done wasting my time on you. Signing off.

  80. Skippy,
    I like it here, can’t stand the turds ruining this place. (Obviously people like you) Do you know what kind of people like my shit? Free people!

    Done wasting time on me? When did you ever even get started Skippy?

    PS: Who are you to tell anyone what they should do?

  81. Check this out. The Parker Pioneer dated May 13, 2015. Page 1 and 16 related to Bernie and Bernadette skeleton story clearly states that the snorkler was Martin Sholl. So I don’t understand where the confusion is. Mr Sholl, one of your prior posts indicated your eyesight is not that great. Well put on your reading glasses just like I did and pay attention to the details. If you did see it , obviously you felt the publicity wasn’t enough. Clearly you have a beef with the Sherrif’s dept and decided to attack in a public forum., Wouldn’t have recommended that. Halloween has come and gone, so when can we expect them to be returned.

  82. River Rat,
    Mr. Sholl said in his response above that he contacted the Parker Pioneer and told them he was the snorkler and they said they would add that, and they did. Try to pay attention.

    Clearly you are a cop or a former cop or just a flat out cop lover with your “wouldn’t have recommended that” comment.

    Mr Sholl, you should keep them on your deck, more people will see it and it will rub salt into Bagby’s wound. hehehehehe

  83. Real American, you have missed the mark on this one. I am NOT a cop. former cop, first responder, or cop lover, just an average citizen that knows right from wrong. Those of you that agree with Mr. Sholl on this subject clearly are not setting a good example for your children and grandchildren. In a nutshell, you think its ok to take something that’s clearly was not yours (you didn’t buy it and you don’t own it), place it on your deck and bash the Sheriffs department and local news. Not a good example for anyone…..

  84. Seriously, River Rat? You defend this Sheriffs dept? Look who’s a bad example for the kids!

    It’s no wonder America is in a downward spiral

  85. I am a diver. These things are fun and two fellow divers took the time and money to set this attraction up and this moron wanted his 15 minutes of fame so he ruined it for everybody else. The two divers that set this up were not media whores.

  86. They’ve been back since the first. Unfortunately this story is far from over.

  87. I think Bernie and Bernadette Bones have been returned to their home in the River. I was told that Mr. Sholl has taken them to the Buckskin Fire Dept. I’m not sure though. Can we get Buckskin Fire Dept. to confirm this?

  88. Wow John, If I say the names of those responsible for the county’s decline they are removed?? Really? The were in public office at the time. My good buddy Clifford Edey helped sink this county and then he left. Thats a FACT. Do you not like FACTS John???

  89. Dude, this tired old line is getting really boring. Here’s my advice: Read the site rules HERE. Stay within them. If you don’t, your comments may magically disappear. The End. There’s no bigger conspiracy than that.

  90. Mr Sholl did not put back Bernie and Bernadette. He gave them back to Buckskin Fire Dept. Not sure why he did not put them back where he found them. Mr Sholl, Couldn’t you put them back with just your snorkle mask on? HA HA. The answer is no. We are all laughing at YOU!!!!

  91. Wow! U idiots are still commenting on this. It was a joke people. Damn. Do u idiots really think I would “steal” them just to put them in plain view on my balcony. By the way, for u bored ass commenters that live behind a computer instead of enjoying life like i do,u guys are the only ones that cryed over this. Not me I went and took them.ha-ha! And they were put back on November 1st just like I said. Now go spend ur weekend on YouTube.

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