Parker woman to compete on Wheel of Fortune

A 31-year resident of Parker, AZ will appear on the Wheel of Fortune TV game show. Margaret Dewey, who worked at Arizona Western College for 11 years and La Paz County Probation Department for 19 years, can be seen spinning the famous wheel with hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White on Wednesday night.


Margaret says she doesn’t believe anybody from Parker has been on the popular game show before, the classic game-show version of ‘Hangman’ in which contestants solve word puzzles for cash and prizes. She told Parker Live about the audition process.

“In May this year, the ‘Wheelmobile’ was at Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde for two days,” she said. “I did get on stage. There, you have about 30 seconds to convince them to call you back. Within a couple of weeks I got the letter inviting me to the audition in Phoenix. There, you show your skills with a simplified version of the game, and a written test. Two weeks later, you know if you made the cut (don’t write us, we’ll write you….you get a letter in the mail.) In July I travelled to Culver City, California for the taping, which airs this Wednesday.”

Margaret’s boyfriend Mike went with her to Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City for the all-day taping.

“I think all contestants realize it’ll be harder in person than in your living room, and that you are playing with others who also made the cut, so it will be difficult. It is also surreal; the actual half-hour taping flies by. I remember being there, but only remember a few of the puzzles. It has become a blur!”

She said she is looking forward to watching Wednesday night, and hopes she “doesn’t look too goofy!”

Margaret retired to Dewey, AZ (not a pun on her last name) last year.

Sajak, who has been hosting Wheel of Fortune for over 30 years, just celebrated his 69th birthday on Monday. (The New York Daily News posted some of the show’s most memorable moments in celebration HERE.)

Margaret’s episode of Wheel of Fortune airs on Wednesday night at 7pm on Channel 3 (KTVK) in Arizona and at 7:30pm on Channel 7 (KABC) in Southern California.


  1. Christi Lynn

    Wow!!!! How awesome 🙂 We will be watching it in our house for sure. Good Luck Margaret Wooot Wooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stephanie R. Sweet

    Omg! I know her! I lived with her! Good luck miss.margret!

  3. John Perez wad on the game show Deal or No Deal a few years ago.

  4. Mike couture was on wheel of fortune years ago

  5. Chris Morlatt

    Does anyone know ow the date

  6. Liz Diego

    This is awesome. Way to go Margaret.

  7. Good luck ! Im going to record it so I can’t miss it !

  8. Parker Live Updates

    Click the link! It’s all there.

  9. Sharon Butters

    Great for Margaret. We have been friends for over 25 years. I’ll be watching and hoping for the best.

  10. Shea Anna

    Jennifer Dewey I’m so going to watch this on Wednesday!

  11. Jennifer Dewey

    Shea Anna dude I don’t even know who this woman is ha ha.

  12. Margaret Dewey

    Thanks my Parker pals for your good wishes. I am packing them in my time machine and hoping they will come to fruition tonight. (I miss my many pals there, and the river, but I sure don’t miss the heat!)

  13. Good Luck, hope you had Good Luck. Steve and I will be watching tonight.

  14. Margaret Dewey

    Well… you saw, I won’t be quitting my day job (oh, that’s right, I don’t have a day job…I’m retired!) The wheel gods were smiling on Andrew who didn’t hit a single “bankrupt” or “lose a turn”. Haley and I didn’t stand a chance! I’m just glad I’m not going to be the latest youtube sensation for studpidest answer! I did rush and missed the obvious of “slithering” vs. “slithery”…oh well….it’s hard to keep it all together there is so much going on. Thanks for all your supportive comments. I encourage anyone who gets the chance and is good at puzzles to try out. Just keep your expectations real–enjoy it for what it is!

  15. Lizz Dewey

    You looked like you had fun, which is the WHOLE idea.

  16. Katherine Wheatley

    The link doesn’t have a date and it’s now clear that it was yesterday.

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