Parker Treasure Hunt: November


Last year, Lane’s Tire & Auto Care came up with an idea: why not hide an item and give clues to where it is every day for a month, and offer a cash prize for finding it? It became the Parker Treasure Hunt and, now that cool weather has returned, the Hunt is back! Clues will appear on KLPZ 1380am’s morning show every day, and then on this page (below) one day later. The item is hidden within Parker city limits and has Lane’s logo on it. You can bring it to Lane’s and trade it for $100 if you find it. It’s that simple. Happy hunting!


11/3 – Look up, look down, look all around, it won’t be found on top the ground.

11/4 – I will tell you where to look, you won’t find it near a book.

11/5 – Lane’s getting older, this much is true, this may not sound like much of a clue.

11/6 – It’s not near the school or the jail, it’s not near a dog with a tail.

11/9 – The marker saw the light of day, it’s not near a place to play.

11/10 – Neither close nor neither far, it’s not located near a bar.

11/11 – I will be found, I know it’s true, don’t look south, you know what to do.

11/12 – It’s not near a can, it’s not near a store, don’t think for a minute this is a bore.

11/13 – Look in the middle, not close to the ground, I hope that you are not just running around.

11/16 – Monday it is, the first day of the week, I am close to some boats, this game is not for the meek.

11/17 – When will I be found, the question is raised, I will be found hanging in the shade.

11/18 – I am on the wall just looking around, I will be quiet not making a sound.

11/19 – The wall is steel, the sky is blue, I am tired of having nothing to do.

11/20 – The highway is close, the dog pound is far, I hear all the day the sound of a car.


We have a winner! This time, the prize marker was affixed to the side of a storage building within town limits. Next time, who knows? The Parker Treasure Hunt will be back at the beginning of December.

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  1. We have a winner for November!

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