Woman out on parole files for unemployment from school she defrauded

Jacque Nelson, out of prison on parole, has filed for comp pay from the school she defrauded, according to reports


Jacque Nelson, who went to prison in January after pleading guilty to fraudulent schemes, filed for unemployment last week saying the Bouse School District owes her ‘comp pay’, according to George Nault, president of the district’s board.

Nelson was released October 13th on parole, according to public records.

“What really cracks me up is the fact that she was not fired,” Nault said. “She resigned when she got caught stealing. She didn’t get fired, she quit.”

Nelson was accused of writing herself checks from school funds while she worked there in administration. Nault said the affair cost the small school $68,000, including forensic accounting fees. In January she received 1.5 years in prison and 7 years ‘white collar’ probation at La Paz County Superior Court. The judge was allowed a prison sentence of up to 2 years.

According to public records, Nelson spent much of her time in prison working in the kitchen before being granted parole last month.

“[Nelson] robbed every child in the school,” said Nault in January.

“She really has some nerve,” he added today.

Parole is a supervised release granted by the Arizona Department of Corrections for which statutory eligibility is usually upon completion of one-half or two-thirds of the imposed sentence.


  1. Melissa Freese

    Oh hey Jackie! Orange looks good on you!!!

  2. Victor Najera

    Wonder if she got approved?????

  3. Justin Keep

    Was she gonna use those funds to pay the restitution???

  4. John Nault

    She sure got out fast !

  5. Penny Lynn

    Wow. She’s a fkn idiot… smh

  6. Mark Brucks

    She would win in California.

  7. Danielle Michelle Dunham

    In the predicament she’s in, I’m pretty sure she needs public assistance. Filing for unemployment is a requirement to receive assistance.

  8. George Nault, former assessor, taking someone to task for robbing the people of their community, too rich!!!

  9. Vonnie Harmon

    She deserves NOTHINg but our disgust!! She still owes good honest people, besides the school, that was never mentioned. I can’t believe they let her off like they did!!!

  10. Jim Hamilton

    She was my old neighbor and tried to scam me and others in the neighborhood!

  11. Marti Seberg

    That’s just CRAP!! She still should be in PLUS paying back all of it!!!!!

  12. Katherine Wheatley

    Keepin it classy. At least she has no shame.

  13. She needs to be ran out of town.Go back to Cali

  14. Amanda Romero

    Not that I’m not saying that she didn’t do a horrible thing, but why isn’t this confindential? Pretty sure it is supposed to be confidential.

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