Beachcombers to open beside Spankys in Parker


A second set of 3 lots of Alewine frontage has been sold on Riverside Drive in Parker, this time to Beachcombers Ski & Sport, which will open next to Spankys RV & Marine on the main drag in town.

According to a press release by the La Paz Economic Development Corporation, which has been handling the development of the property bought by the Town of Parker in 2013, the owners of Beachcombers have entered into an agreement to purchase 3 parcels of the property commonly referred to as the Alewine property in order to develop a second location in addition to the one in Lake Havasu City.

Like a few other well-known Havasu businesses, Beachcombers had its origins in Parker years ago.

“We are looking forward to returning to the town of Parker. This is where it all started,” reads a statement by Gary, Stephanie and Dane Hatch, owners.

The store sells popular brands of flip-flops and sandals like Reef and Rainbow, sunglasses like Oakley and Hoven, scooters by Envy, longboards and other active lifestyle products like GoPro electronics.

Skip Becker of the La Paz Economic Development Corporation said the development was exactly what the Town Council had in mind when it purchased the property.

“Beachcombers Ski & Sport will be a beautiful addition to the Town of Parker redevelopment property. This project will increase sales tax revenue, increase foot traffic to surrounding businesses and create new jobs within the town of Parker.”

Spankys RV & Marine was the first business to commit to opening up at Alewine. After an announcement made in April, groundbreaking commenced later this summer and construction has begun on the new store, which sells boat and RV related gear. The 3 lots purchased by Spankys are located one behind the other, providing room for parking in front.


  1. Didn’t Chuck Baker put in an offer on that property? Odd.

  2. Chuck Likes Empty Buildings

    Yeah, Chuck put in an offer to sit on the property. He Also tossed around the idea of building a strip mall with no businesses lined up to occupy them. Would be “doing stupid right” to do that when he has an entire strip mall in downtown Parker he needs to fill first. Why sell prime real estate to a dude with no business plan? That would be “doing stupid right”. Know your facts.

  3. Chuck Like Empty Buildings HAHAHAHA…… Yeah AT AUCTIONS!! So Chuck had a empty building plan eh? And the doctor who offered to buy ALL of the lots had no plan too?? Really? Please feel free to educate all us low end dumb people of Parker. I am looking forward to hearing your argument. Seems like old time buddies got together and formulated another famed Parker “good ol’ boy” deal to those that knew how the mayor and hatch were buddies. But I will assume that you are a relatively new person to our town from the respect I see you show Chuck. Sad. It is really sad. Ok tell me this CLEB, did the Town get all of their investment back from selling the Alewine property? I doubt it. So the Town gets into the real estate buying and selling market and we sell to those most connected? Not Chuck? Not the good doctor that had a plan to develope the whole property? Can’t wait for your story CLEB. Let’s hear it.

  4. Moral of the story, if you are not on the inside, you are on the OUTSIDE!

  5. You sure laid down a truth bomb wedostupidright, CLEB crawled back into his hole.

    If it were me and I really wanted to invest in that property like those two people you mentioned I’d investigate and maybe pursue action if it looks like a good fight, meaning he’d rout out some of the problems in this County and maybe even win. Lawsuits are the only thing the establishment around here loves to lose at!

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant, that’s why the people you slammed aren’t answering! Keep Up The Great Work!!!

  6. Hey Stupid,

    Pretty funny that someone with your smarts can’t identify yourself and own what your Writing!

    Now that’s stupid…. just sayin!!!!

  7. Wow Penny as a friend of Chuck’s I am wondering what you are wondering about. If I was smart why would I be commenting on this site? I am just a normal town peasant. Just got a smart phone and nothing better to do than commernt on the stupidity of this county. Now that i have access to the world wide whatever. Do you think that what I say has the weight of ownership? Do you give it any real value? Sorry, if I had balls like Chuck I would. But I am just a trailer park residing low life that has a slight voice when I see injustice. I see you are also a Shannon buddy. Is that the slight?

    Hmmmm…… I’m curious about what makes you so curious…..

  8. Why can’t everyone just be happy that you will no longer have to stare at empty dirt when you drive down riverside? The Town of Parker has the right to decide what goes in there and they want to make it count. Good for them.

  9. Cronyism is bad for a community no matter how pretty it looks on the surface. Everyone likes to complain about the good old boys club but when someone says anything about it, you’re an asshole for mentioning it. I completely understand why wedostupidright doesn’t say who he or she is. In Dan Field Kounty you get the Royal Treatment for telling the truth! Does anyone around here ask themselves why that is?

  10. Hey Jessica who says the town has the “right” to decide what goes on private property? As long as it fits the town’s zoning laws the private business owners decide what goes on there. NOT GOVERNMENT!!!!

    I mean that was the last I had learned about government responsibilities. I could be wrong.

    Oh, by the way, what happened to Penny??? Wagers anyone? Is it Dandy Dan? Skipper?? THe dog catcher?? Maybe it is Chucky!!!! Ah poor Chucky. He needs to retire to Cabo and fish his days away with Sammy Hagar and just forget this sad town. Poor Chucky……

  11. Wedostupidright, you talk like you believe in free and unfettered markets. WTF??? This is LaPaz Kounty. Home of King Field and his cronies. How else do you get 30 Million Dollars in debt other than by dictating who gets to win and who loses. Central planners know what’s best, and opportunity and success is only for those who play the kick back game!

    La Paz Kounty Economics 101 baby!!!!!!!!!!

    If we are ever going to have freedom and prosperity again in La Paz County we are going to have to get our liberties back. I miss Liberty! See you around wdsr.

  12. Liberty? In La Paz county? It is alive and well! Ask Jim Willett. He has made MILLIONS in la paz county just by getting sued by them! A great biz model I must admit. $30 million is what has been projected by the bonds folks that we must all submit to the greater alter in order to be back to level. What a great business model. Willett is aparently the smartest guy that used to be in La Paz county! I wanna meet the dude. Maybe he will give to local charities. I mean, no body else around out poor county does. Maybe we could all write him a letter! Anyone have his address? Oh by the way where did Penny go? PENNY!!! PENNY!!! Guess she got the shut up order too. Oh well. Sorry Roth. All the fun in our own suffering is gone. Wahhh.

  13. Can you imagine how much more prosperous this place would be if we didn’t have Dan Field and the rest of the La Paz County Illuminati scum around to screw things up?

    One can dream….

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