La Paz Regional Hospital among most financially healthy in the nation


The National Organization of State Office of Rural Health has announced that, as of September 2015, La Paz Regional Hospital in Parker, AZ is in the top quartile of all acute care hospitals in America.

For National Rural Health Day, which was November 19th, NOSORH says it is recognizing La Paz Regional for “overall excellence in Financial Strength, reflecting top quartile performance among all acute care hospitals in the nation,” assessed using aggregated data from 66 individual metrics.

“These top quartile performers should take great pride in this recognition,” said Michael Topchik, senior vice president of iVantage Health Analytics. “It showcases their commitment to continuous performance analysis and improvement. On this occasion of National Rural Health Day, it’s an honor to celebrate their achievement as they continue to serve their communities despite the many market, regulatory and financial pressures they face.”

La Paz Regional is a locally-owned nonprofit community hospital. It recently hired a new Chief Financial Officer.


  1. Jody L Smithson Wilson

    Yeah. And a lot of it came out of my pocket!

  2. Dianne Gamboa

    Wonderful hospital and staff!!

  3. Well that’s good news, let’s hope the new management can keep it going!

    The questioning pessimist in me though asks is this just a one off good quarter accounting gimmick and PR stunt?

    What have previous quarters/years been like?

    Enquiring minds want to know, John.

  4. Charlotte Simmons

    Worst hospital I have ever been to

  5. Mary Cabrera

    Cuz you have to pay double and the doctors don’t take insurance.

  6. Ella Decker

    Great staff and they do accept insurance.

  7. Hahahaha….why are they so financially healthy?! They don’t pay their employees shit….saving money there….hmmmm…over charging patients…making money there…boom! Financially wealthy….and still ‘non-profit’. Non profits are supposed to give back to the people 🙁

  8. La Paz hospital is not financially sound . This report also noted that the Bisbee hospital was also financially sound and they went bankrupt in the spring and closed. What a joke! La Paz is in severe trouble.
    If you look at this report it also contains performance data on Quality, Patient Outcomes, and Patient Satisfaction for which La Paz hospital did not get a “good” rating but rather a terrible rating showing that they suck!

  9. Really? Seriously?

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