Parker area agencies train for ‘active shooter’ event


An ‘active shooter’ drill took place Thursday morning, with area agencies attending to the mock emergency at Parker Indian Health Center.

An active shooter is defined as an individual who is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people. The community drill uses volunteers with special effects makeup as actors to play ‘victims’ for the agencies to respond to. ‘Victims’ were taken to IHS and La Paz Regional Hospital.

Drills like this one are carried out twice a year, with one of them involving state level emergency departments too. They primarily test information sharing, communication and allow the agencies to practice with a unified incident command. Each drill simulates a different type of incident, giving the agencies the opportunity to see what needs to be fixed, find out where gaps are in the response and address them.

Agencies involved this week were IHS, LPRH, CRIT Fire, Buckskin Fire, River Medical, AMR, LPC Emergency Preparedness Department, air methods and all law enforcement agencies.

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  1. Rick Mccrummen

    Lol what they gonna shoot up ? Walmart ?

  2. Don’t be a victim, carry a gun!

  3. Michael Collins

    Why send the active shooter to the hospital? Everyone knows about 50% of Parker population is carrying a concealed weapon and will shoot back.

  4. Hey Mike. You forget that the Indian Hospital is a “Gun Free Zone”. That means that the bad guy would’ve read the sign and gone somewhere else.

  5. Is that what it means to you Alan? Whenever I see one of those signs, to me it means wanton slaughter zone!

    Don’t be a victim, carry a gun.

    Know what’s better than a cop on the phone, a gun in your hand!

    Know why it’s a good idea to carry a gun? Because a cop is too heavy to carry!

    When seconds count, cops are minutes away!

  6. Sarcasm Roth. Sarcasm.

  7. I know Alan, just trying to create discussion about these drills, which are nothing more than propaganda. Propaganda to show how great the State is. When we really should be teaching the citizenry how to respond like how Americans should and used to, before the nanny state ruined us!


  8. Candi Evans

    You people need to be thankful these agencies are training for this. Should something like that happen here who YOU gonna call?

  9. Candi,
    Making a phone call will be the last thing I’d be doing. I suggest first take cover then remember to keep your finger on the frame until you see the shooter. Remember cover first, finger on the frame until you are ready to shoot, and one more thing, math doesn’t work in a gun fight, so remember to have extra mags!

    Or, you can call 911 and die. Your choice!

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