‘Peace Trail’ in development


A new off-highway vehicle trail will traverse 750 miles of Yuma, La Paz and Mohave counties and form a connecting loop, according to organizers.

The Arizona Peace Trail will utilize existing trails and dirt roads throughout western Arizona and connect from Bullhead City, AZ in the north to Yuma, AZ in the south. A team of volunteers from several off-road clubs have been working with cities, counties, state and federal agencies to establish coordinates for the trail.

“La Paz County got a grant through Yamaha to help us buy 100 signs, so the county can begin to install those,” said Holly Irwin, La Paz County Supervisor for District 3, who has been working with the groups on the trail. “Probably sometime in January it will start to be established. It’s been a cool project to work on.”

The trail is expected to be used by OHVs including side-by-sides, Jeeps, quads, dirt bikes and others.

The chairman of the organizing committee, J.C. Sanders of Bouse, AZ, says there is now a nonprofit corporation that will be in charge of developing and maintaining the trail, with representatives from various groups on its board.

“The route is approximately 750 miles long and provides an excellent OHV adventure,” Sanders told Parker Live. “At this time the route is still being refined. At some point in time the trail will be signed and maps will be developed and made available to the public along with GPS tracks that can be downloaded and used on a GPS for exact guidance. This is a long term project that will include development of staging areas with facilities for short term visits.”

Sanders added that the trail is very scenic, with a variety of terrain from low elevations in the Yuma area to mountains in the Kingman area. OHV clubs (current partners listed below) will ultimately adopt segments of the trail to monitor for maintenance requirements.

The Bouse Ghost Riders (Bouse)
Arizona Sunriders (Quartzsite)
Arizona Desert Riders (Salome)
Bullhead 4- Wheelers (Bullhead City)
Lake Havasu 4-Wheelers (Lake Havasu)
Cerbat Ridge Runners
Martinez Lake Jeepers
Scooter Trash Pack Quad Riders
Yuma Trail Group
Yuma Foothills Road Runners
FMC Desert Roamrs
Lost Patrol Riders

Parker Live will post maps and coordinates when they’re ready. For more information, visit arizonapeacetrail.com.


  1. This is awesome any way of getting a Gps map of this

  2. Craig- I’m not sure when there’ll be publicly available GPS but I know that’s something they’re working on. 🙂

  3. John I really appreciate you publishing this project. I want to thank all those OHV groups as well as JC Sanders for all the countless hours put into this. I believe this will be a revenue maker not only for La Paz but for our neighboring counties!!!! So honored to be a part of this!!! Thank you all!!!

  4. Holly,
    What other real revenue makers do you and your merry band of misfit friends at the Board of Stupidvisors and Dan Field have in the que?

    And more taxes don’t count as real revenue…… After 8 years as a Supe, what have We The People gotten for your services?

    And hiring your husband Larry doesn’t count either.

  5. Rothy, there you go again. I mean Holly was instrumental in getting $20+ million in bonds sold to pay off the Yakima guy. RIGHT! According to the numbers that is only gonna cost the county $30+ Million. And we pay extra SALES tax for it. It not a REAL tax like property tax, or income tax, excise tax et al. I mean it really isnt real at all. RIGHT! Calling it a tax is really a minomer. It should be classed as a citizen contribution to political idiocy. Or something of the like. Besides Rothy old boy, only you and like 5 other people in the county know this. Or care.

    I still believe in Whirred Peas!

  6. It really is sad how nobody cares enough about how the elected and non-elected are screwing us on a daily basis.

    La Paz County has no industry to speak of, there’s flight of the youth as soon as they can leave, and why not, there’s no opportunity for them. I bet the population of La Paz County has dropped by a good % in the past decade, yet we have taxes here like we are Sedona.

    All this is obvious to the Supervisors, but Dan Field, John Drum and Holly and Larry Irwin reign supreme. Thanks King Clapperton and DL Wilson, thanks for nothing! All it takes is a motion and a second and we can be on the way to turning this around, gutless pukes!

    You’re right my internet friend, when it comes to doing stupid right, we’re the Champions of the World!

    Oh look, some rocks rolled into the river…. alert the media! Sheesh

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