Alyson Tozer’s legacy lives on with vest donation

Jennifer Irwin (L), Rich Tozer and Carol Hannibal (R)

It has been over 15 months since Parker Strip resident Alyson Tozer’s battle with cystic fibrosis ended at 21 years old. She worked hard throughout her young life in aid of cystic fibrosis research, was an advocate of organ donation and a champion for women. She was a bright light in the community and has been greatly missed.

Her legacy does live on, however. Kati Vander Pol-Legnon, a close friend of Aly’s, made cystic fibrosis and organ donation her platform when running for Mrs. California America. “I made her a promise and I’m going to make sure I keep it,” Kati said at the time. Kati spoke about Aly’s influence on national television in November in an appearance on the TODAY Show. She has also started Aly’s Pageant Closet, which allows girls who cannot afford expensive pageant dresses, swimsuits, shoes, jewelry, talent costumes and interview outfits to rent them for $5 to $15, and the proceeds benefit cystic fibrosis.

The Parker community has continued Grin and Bear It, a nonprofit that Aly created when she was in high school to collect donated teddy bears and distribute them to children in hospitals.

And most recently Alyson’s parents, Rich and Teresa Tozer, have donated her vest airway clearance system to La Paz Regional Hospital (pictured above). The system is an easy-to-use clearance device for both children and adults. Once the vest is fitted on the patient it fills with air and pulsates at a high frequency to loosen and thin secretions in the respiratory system. A typical treatment takes 15-20 minutes.

“We have many patients who are unable to mobilize their secretions on their own due to lung disease. This is a very useful tool in managing a respiratory care patient. I am so grateful for this very generous donation,” said Carol Hannibal, Cardiopulmonary Department Director. Also donated were portable nebulizers and glucose supplies that will aid in patient education.

Rich and Teresa both felt that donating this equipment to the local hospital in Parker could help to serve the community that Aly grew up in and loved. Last year, Teresa commented, “It takes a village and we have the best there is.”


  1. Thank you for the beautiful article.

  2. tears rolling down my face

  3. Loved Aly. Regardless of what she was going through she always and I mean ALWAYS had a smile to share. Miss having our chats. Still making a difference Aly. Such a blessing to ha e known such an amazing person.

  4. How do I get a teddy bear that I made for my mother in law to Grin and Bear It?

  5. Sharon Ehmann. (Andrew)

    So nice to know that the Parker community is rallying around Alys memory and embracing her kind heart.. In the 70’s we did a Cystic Fibrosis bike -a-thon in Parker as a research fundraiser.. Parker was a great supporter , then, too.. We were the top fundraiser in Arizona that spring.. At that time Cystic Fibrosis was not a well known illness… We had two nephews with C.F. At that time.. Jeremy…went to his Heavenly home in 1981 at 9 and 1/2 years old….. John went to his a Heavenly home in 2008 at 41 years of age… John was an Attorney in Phoenix , and also, one of the oldest C.F. Patients on record in AZ…. We no live in No. California, and are very proud of our 16 years in Parker Arizona????????????????

  6. Thanks for that story Sharon – 41 years old is amazing! – do you think there’s a real shot at curing CF at some point? I sure hope so.

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