La Paz County to get new website

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La Paz County is to get a new government website with improved services after a decision by the Board of Supervisors.

“It will actually allow us to have a website that is functional,” said County Administrator Dan Field, who added that the County’s current site (above) is the only one in the state of Arizona to earn an ‘F’ rating and is out of compliance on various requirements for county government websites.

The board approved a new service and license agreement contract with Civic Plus, a Kansas-based company that builds and maintains websites for local governments around the U.S. and Canada. According to Field, the company built the site for Coconino County, Santa Cruz County and the League of Cities and Towns.

“They sit down, we give them the type of information we want to have on the [website], as well as certain items we would like, like paying bills online, filling out of forms online, and one of the important things is the updating of our financial information pursuant to law, we’re out of compliance on that,” Field said. “The best thing about it is that we’ll have someone maintaining the website, instead of hit and miss, which has been happening.”

District 2 Supervisor King Clapperton asked if there will be a link to streaming live board meetings on the new website. “It would benefit the public tremendously,” Clapperton said. Field replied that it is an option on the new site.

D.L. Wilson said the update is “desperately needed” and is an essential move for La Paz County.


  1. Katie Turnbow

    About time! That thing has been an eyesore for many years!

  2. Randy Hartless

    Agreed Katie. That is one sad looking website.

  3. An F rating on a site that Dan Field oversees, (he is County Administrator after all) I’m SHOCKED, mind totally blown. Whodathunkit?

    I’m surprised he didn’t hire a failure friend from Quartzsite to “fix” it.

    Good idea Clapperton on live streaming the meetings but it should be archived too, unlike what Field set up in Quartzsite where recordings of meetings are deleted after a few months, so nobody can call them on their lies and fraud!

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