Parker Treasure Hunt: January


The Parker Treasure Hunt is back for the month of January. Clues will appear on KLPZ 1380am’s morning show every day, and then on this page (below) one day later. You’re looking for an item, hidden within Parker city limits, which has Lane’s logo on it. You can bring it to Lane’s and trade it for real cash if you find it. Good luck!


1/5 – The marker can be easily found, it will be laying under the ground.

1/6 – This is a new place that I am hidden, don’t get the flu, you’ll be bed-ridden.

1/7 – It makes me wonder why I’m here, someday you might just shed a tear.

1/8 – Remember when, this place has changed, everything is rearranged.

1/11 – I like the rain, I like the sun, this place looks like a lot of fun.

1/12 – I wish there were more trees around here, although the sky is very clear.

1/13 – Just look really close at the time you spend, stay in the middle, don’t go to the end.

1/14 – I like to ride all over town, I like to ride way off the ground.

1/15 – Am I seeing double? One never knows, please be careful it might hurt your toes!

1/18 – My mind is swimming, it goes all around, if you listen closely, you will like the sound.

1/19 – I lay here and wonder, which one is the best, remember to look at the one to the west.

1/20 – The salesman stopped by, he gave it his best, the things that he said were all like the rest.

1/21 – I can’t move an inch, I’ve tried really hard, it’s like I’ve been glued right here in the yard.

1/22 – Won’t somebody please, come find me real soon, the last people here, played like two baboons.


  1. Just want to remind everyone that you will find the marker in a public place, not on private property. So please don’t dig up your neighbor’s flowers…Good Luck!

  2. We have a winner for the month of January! The marker was at Pop Harvey Park in the horse shoe pits. We start again Feb. Good Luck!

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