Dumped tires found, cleaned up near Bouse


Members of the Bouse Ghost Riders and Parker 4-Wheelers off-road clubs have cleaned up a pile of used truck tires that had been dumped near Bouse on public lands.

J.C. Sanders, President of the Bouse Ghost Riders OHV club, says he and a member of the club, Ron Riffe, identified a large pile of used truck tires that had been dumped on BLM land (federal Bureau of Land Management). The Ghost Riders invited the Parker 4-Wheelers to join them to remove the tires. BLM made arrangements and paid to have a roll-off dumpster delivered from the La Paz County landfill for the clean-up.

On Saturday, January 9th, fifteen members from the two clubs met at the tire site and had the tires loaded in less than thirty minutes thanks to the county driver who placed the roll-off so close that the tires could be rolled directly into it from the pile.

The tire clean-up went so quickly, Ron Riffe suggested that we also remove an abandoned boat that had also been dumped on BLM land nearby. Harley Kruidof, a member of the Parker 4 Wheelers, brought a trailer to the boat site and the group loaded it for later disposal.

“A special thank you to everyone involved for your efforts to keep the desert clean,” said Sanders.




  1. Anthony John Moody Nelson

    My opinion is that it has to someone in the tire business because I am fairly certain a private citizen would not accumulate so many “newer” tires…

  2. Gerry White

    Or, an illegitimate disposal company. Shouldn’t be hard to trace.

  3. Anthony John Moody Nelson

    I agree. Went you buy new tires there is something like a $4 fee that we as consumers pay that the company is suppose to use toward proper disposal. At the La Paz landfill they keep records of the tires that tire shops bring in. This stuff is tracked and it shouldn’t be too hard for proper authorities to check out. “Oh you are a tire business and you sold 200 tires this month okay where is your disposal ticke?

    On the other hand if it was a private party then for pete sakes call Republic Services and explain you were cleaning your property or whatever and have however many tires. I am sure they would accommodate you with disposal to prevent this kind of senseless stuff.

  4. Lauretta Simmons

    I’d like to have some of those to use in my yard…………..

  5. Janepher McBride

    Thanks for for the clean up the rod

  6. Proof positive you don’t need more government to clean up in your back yard!

    Good job men, now go after them tweekers. Really clean up the neighborhood!!!

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