Big River burglary suspects jailed


Two suspects of burglary in Big River, CA were pursued and arrested by law enforcement last week.

According to court records, the burglary was allegedly committed on Tuesday, January 5th. The following day, Wednesday, January 6th, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department made contact with two suspects, who allegedly escaped from the deputies in a foot pursuit.

Other agencies responded to assist in the pursuit, searching the bank of the Colorado River and elsewhere in search for the suspects. The agencies worked together to catch the pair and, in the process, recovered a “large amount” of stolen property.

Adrian Encinas and Rafael Delacruz Jr. pleaded not guilty in San Bernardino County Superior Court on Thursday, January 7th. Both suspects were charged with one count each.

San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies continue to investigate the burglary.


  1. Cyndee Geary Monts

    Awesome keep up the good work!

  2. Kayc Adair

    Piles of crap! Hang em. Too many garages broken into this time of year only to loose our stuff to DEBRIS like this. Thank you Law Enforcement!!

  3. Marilyn Capel

    Nice…throw away the keys..I hate theives

  4. I wonder if these two (Encinasc and Delacruz) can be tied to any of the summer burglaries in Big River (specifically the winter residents homes).

  5. Jessica Ledezma

    Stephanie Leann you were right, read it!

  6. Lonnie Alcaida-North

    “hang em”….a little extreme don’t you think?

  7. Tonya Hoogerwerf

    My house in big river was broken into twice last fall stolen two flat screen tvs and my wedding ring set. Glad they caught two of many thieves in Big River
    Thank you San Bernardino county Sherriffs Department and La Paz County Sherriffs Department for finally catching up with these people

  8. they were arrested on January the sixth

  9. Nichole Holsborg

    Finally! I hope this puts an end to it.

  10. Beverly L Bonney

    Wonder if these are the two that also broke into our neighbors house.

  11. I wonder if they were released within 48 hours like the two thieves I caught stealing from me. The justice system in this country sucks! A man can work his entire adult life to see some tweeker steal the fruits of his labor, then they are out and free to do it again. But if you speak truth to power at town hall or the Board of Supervisors………. You’re a damned terrorist!

    How much you want to bet these scumbags get off with a slap on the wrist?

    You want to end burglaries in your neighborhood? Practice zero tolerance for meth!

  12. Awesome!!!

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