College to pick its next president this week – public forum


Arizona Western College is to pick its next president this week, and has flown in three finalists for the position. The final selection process will take several days and portions of it will be open to the public in Parker, San Luis and Yuma.

A 15-member search committee was assembled to begin the process of looking for candidates for the important role at AWC, one of the largest community colleges in Arizona. The committee was made up of community members, faculty, administration and others, with Kathy Ocampo and Jim Lotts representing the Parker area on the committee.

The three finalists will participate in presentations with question and answer sessions this week in a public forum. The sessions will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Schoening Conference Center on the AWC Yuma Campus, with video link to the Parker Learning Center and opportunities for questions and interaction with the candidates.

Finalists are scheduled as followed:

Tuesday, January 19th
Dr. Vernon Smith

Vernon Smith, Ph.D., is the Vice Provost for Distributed Learning at the University of the Pacific, CA. Previously, he served as the Provost and Chief Academic Officer at MyCollege Foundation/Portmont College Mount St. Mary’s University, CA and the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Rio Salado College, AZ. Dr. Smith received a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and Spanish and a Master of Organizational Behavior from Brigham Young University, UT, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Administration of Higher Education from the University of Arizona, AZ.

Wednesday, January 20th
Dr. Daniel Corr

Daniel Corr, Ed.D., is the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Scottsdale Community College, AZ. Previously, he served as the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Harper College, IL and the Dean of Academic Enrichment at Waubonsee Community College, IL. Dr. Corr received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Governors State University, IL, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Administration from Argosy University, IL.

Thursday, January 21st
Dr. Paul Dale

Paul Dale, Ed.D., is the President of Paradise Valley Community College, AZ. Previously, he served as the Vice President of Learning Support Services and Vice President of Student Services at Paradise Valley Community College, AZ. Dr. Dale received a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Iowa State University, IA, a Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, WI, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, AZ.

“[The community] will have two opportunities each day to participate via video conference at the Parker Learning Center,” said Kathy Ocampo. “If you are unable to attend please feel free to open the hyperlink, submit questions in advance, so that your question may be asked to the finalists. You may also view the morning presentations by opening the hyperlink, forum online, until 9:00pm that same day.”

The current college president, Glenn Mayle, intends to retire this June.


  1. No public meetings in Quartzsite yet we pay Millions, par for the course I say!

    My money is on the guy with the two first names!

  2. There may be a video link with Quartzsite too, Michael, I didn’t have any info on that.

  3. The university system in this Count(r)y is a scam John. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can help your fellow man by not encouraging this.

    Here in La Paz County we pay millions of dollars, stolen from us when we pay our inflated property taxes, (thanks George Nault and his kind) only to see most of the money go to Yuma! Add to the fact that most people who end up with an expensive piece of paper called a degree never actually use it because there is no economy any longer. (And most degrees are worthless to begin with.) Don’t worry though because the Democrats are going to make college education “Free”.

    We have become a nation of over educated idiots. We’d be miles ahead with trade schools! Learn how to plumb a house, or install and repair electric. Learn a trade like upholstery and you will always be in demand. This would be a better choice than International Relations or a psychology degree or any of the 100’s of other worthless degrees out there, all of which will cost tens of thousands of dollars and isn’t worth the gasoline it takes to fire up the chain saw that cuts down the tree that’s made into the paper your degree is printed on!

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