Groundwater concerns lead to Wenden meeting


The Arizona Department of Water Resources will be holding a meeting on January 30th to discuss water conditions in the eastern La Paz County, the area including the McMullen Valley, Vicksburg and other agricultural and residential areas.

Concerns over the depleting groundwater in the region were heightened when reports emerged that thirsty crops are being expanded on thousands of acres by big international corporations at a time of drought for Arizona, and that the activity is unsustainable.

A man identifying himself as Terry from the Bouse / Brenda / Hope / Vicksburg area got up to speak at a recent La Paz County Board of Supervisors meeting to express his concerns.

“The water in that basin is down to 1200 feet,” he said. “Irrigation wells generally go down 400 to 500 feet lower than the water level to pull that water out. For irrigation, to utilize water at 1200 feet, it’s going to be down to 1600 to 1700 feet. For domestic users, 1300 to 1400 feet. The cost for this is just going to be astronomical.”

The ADWR is holding the meeting in response to such concerns about water resources in Arizona, in this case specifically in the West Basins Planning Area west of Phoenix. This meeting is the first of a series of meetings to examine water resource demand and challenges for the area.

The meeting will include an overview of groundwater conditions and regulatory tools available to the area. During the meeting, the public will have the opportunity to provide information regarding their water concerns to the Department.

“We recognize the water resource challenges facing rural communities and look forward to working collaboratively with local stakeholders to develop a better path to securing Arizona’s sustainable water future,” said Arizona Department of Water Resources Director Thomas Buschatzke.

“We are gratified that the Director of ADWR has requested the opportunity to meet and share with the stakeholders in the McMullen Valley the mitigations and sustainability solutions that will provide the security residents, businesses and farmers are looking for going forward,” said La Paz County Supervisor Holly Irwin. “On behalf of the La Paz County Board of Supervisors, I urge you to attend this public meeting and make sure your needs, concerns and voices are heard.”

In addition to the Planning Area Stakeholder Process, the Water Initiative involves the creation of the Water Augmentation Council, which will investigate long-term water augmentation strategies, additional water conservation opportunities, funding, and water infrastructure needs.

The meeting will be held January 30th, 2016 from 3pm – 5pm at the Centennial Community Center, 69725 Centennial Park Rd., Wenden, AZ 85357.

Information regarding Arizona’s Water Initiative is available HERE.


  1. Teri Lindsay

    Residents of this area…. please attend these meetings. Water is the most valuable resource, and “The People” (meaning all races/Tribes) must protect your Right to clean water/availablity….. don’t just assume that government agencies will protect your Right to clean water/availability… esp. when huge corporations are trying to claim water rights……

  2. Anyone who assumes government will protect their rights will learn the truth the hard way. Teri is right. Attend these meetings AND all the others where you have a chance to speak out against the wrongs being committed in your community. But beware, government is not your friend. Holly is there for herself first!

  3. Sore Looooseeerrrr!!!!!!!

  4. LOL, you really need those Irwins around don’t you Skippy? Now THAT’S a real loser!

    District 3, get rid of Holly this time! You’ll be glad you did!!!!!!

    Without Holly (and Dan Field) there’d be no Larry Irwin too sucking the La Paz County Titty!

  5. Rothy there you go again. Speaking about the gubment didnt’t Senator Flake campaign in Mojave county saying he was against the Planet Ranch\Freeport MacMoRan water transfer? Oh but in the end he voted to approve it. That might be what you mean. I’m not sure cuz I left my intellect at the county line. It’s safer out there. And to think that hay export equals water stealing thenm I guess you would have to take an AG class or two. Maybe under that line of thinking, California is stealing our water! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Run for the hills and keep yer powder dry! We can always depend on big GUBMENT to keep us safe. Hand yer guns over and welcome yerself to the new Happier, Safer, Wonderful Amerikka Paridise. Yee Haaa. I’m off to find me intellect. I think I left it behind a bush off the I-10. Or was it 95 south of Q Ville?? Hope for whirreled Peas!!

  6. You probably left it at that unconstitutional checkpoint South of Quartzsite. That’s where I see most people surrender their critical thinking skills. (Hitler had internal checkpoints too)

    Holly Irwin made the unintelligent comment that we the people should get free oil in exchange for them getting alfalfa, that they paid millions for just the land alone, not including the upgrades they sunk into their investment. Now I don’t like Saudi’s buying up our farmland and sinking straws into our aquifer as much as the next guy. But fair is fair. They BOUGHT the right to farm their land when the person selling the land accepted their cash.

    My question to you Holly is since you and your kind cost us Millons more on the Yakima lawsuit because you sat on your ass for four or five years watching Dan Field twirl his thumbs while hatching his plan to increase taxes on us mundanes, what do you propose you give the good people of La Paz County for all the Millions you’ve sunk here?

    4 more years? Please gerrymandered District 3, do the right thing this time. End the era of error! Prove wedostupidright wrong. Just once!?!? If you don’t, Crisco here and Larry Irwin move up to front titty!

  7. Holly, you are a coward. I know you read these posts but you don’t have the courage of your convictions to defend yourself!

    Does anyone in District 3 have the courage to challenge her? Topper, where are you?

    Or the guy who challenged her last time? (sorry, your name escapes me now) wingnut Jones isn’t the fly in the ointment this time. Someone step forward!

  8. Gary "Zak" Zakrajsek

    Mr. Roth my name is Gary “Zak” Zakrajsek. I am a friend of Topper and I am running for District 3 Supervisor. I had to recently resign my position of 26 years with the county as a Park Manager/Ranger of La Paz County at Centennial Park and other parks within District 3 in order to run. I have seen a lot over the years employed by La Paz County but the last 8 years have been the hardest for me to understand.I feel as a county we need to move forward by stabilizing the financial situation we find ourselves in, the only way to do this is by finding better leadership which will find a far better manager for the County.
    Any of you who want to comment in favor or not do so, it is your right.Remember this is your County, and the actions of your Supervisors are to benefit you not themselves. Public Service is to serve you.
    contact me, with any comment favorable or not. You will soon know way more about me before November 8th as I start to meet all of you in District 3.

    Your Independent Candidate District 3 Supervisor La Paz County

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