Man pleads guilty to trying to kill cops


A man has pleaded guilty to 3 counts of attempted first-degree murder, according to La Paz County Attorney Tony Rogers.

Vincent Marlowe was at the center of a standoff with police at a residence in Ehrenberg, AZ in the summer of 2014. Sheriff’s deputies were responding to a disturbance at the home on August 9th when Marlowe allegedly walked out onto the front porch with a pistol and shot at the deputies, who had to take cover and call for a multi-agency response. After several hours, during which Marlowe was barricaded in the home, according to the Sheriff’s Office, negotiations were determined to have failed and a tactical entry was made around 6:30pm which brought Marlowe into custody.

Marlowe reportedly accepted the plea agreement Monday with a stipulated 9 year sentence and will be in La Paz County Superior Court for formal sentencing on March 7th.

See Parker Live’s original report HERE.


  1. Thad Nickoley

    Why are we not seeing a picture of his corpse?

  2. Jack Anderson

    Should be doing 25 to life. Not 9 years

  3. He we go again. Please read before making anymore comments or judgements. This was his first offense, and he has already served a year and a half and still has 7 and a half more to go. He was and still is a young adult and I am NOT condoning his actions and I am extremely happy no one got injured or killed but this story has been just a little bit embellished by the law enforcement. And yes I do know first hand. I am the Mother of the person not mentioned, the person involved in the disturbance that initially brought the La Paz County Sheriff to the residence. Most of this story is accurate but like I stated in the beginning, all though it is a serious incident it was not quit as severe as we are led to believe. For example they never mention he had been under age drinking all that day and I don’t mean just beer, I mean hard liquor. And that had a lot to do with the cause of his actions (again not condoning his actions). They also don’t mention after the initial shots (in the air not aimed) there were no more shots fired. They also fail to mention he was passed out at the time of apprehension. He is actually a decent kid that just needed a little help and guidance, in which he is getting where he is currently serving his sentence. But that does not mean he deserves to spend the rest of his young and/or mature life behind bars. He deserves to watch his 2 young children grow up at some point in their lives as they should be able to at some point get to know their Father. People make mistakes and yes they deserve punishment, but he DID NOT injure nor kill anyone and I feel 9 years of his young adult life is sufficient punishment and is equal to the crime. He is already a better man now then when he was booked into the Detention Center. He studied and earned his diploma and he is trying to make amends to anyone he might have caused anguish or heartache thought out his teen or young adult years . Just imagine how much more he can and will better himself in 9 years total. I know he will be a remorseful, rehabilitated and educated man when he is released back into society at the finale of his total term. And for that reason alone I am grateful he ONLY got a 9 year sentence!!!

  4. T. Lee- As I’ve said elsewhere, for the record, I believe people can improve themselves as you suggest, and the best form of justice is the one that returns a better person to society after they’ve fulfilled their obligations. Good luck.

  5. Thanks T. Lee. Goes to prove no matter how thin you slice it, there’s always two sides to the piece of bread. Here’s hoping the state penitentiary doesn’t mess him up and he lives a productive life.

  6. Candi Evans

    What a joke, he should have life.

  7. What a joke! This moron should be serving much longer. He isn’t a kid, he’s obviously old enough to make the decision to NOT SHOOT AT POLICE OFFICERS. That’s a pretty cut and dry situation. “Gee, there are cops outside, should I retrieve a firearm, point it at them and pull the trigger? Hmm. No, probably not..” Like it isn’t a difficult scenario. Dude didn’t trip and fall into a loaded gun that just happened to be pointing at policemen. In what scenario does this even make sense? What is there to even argue?

    The County Attorney’s Office here is an absolute embarrassment. Whoever handled this case should be fired. Onions to you La Paz County Attorney’s Office. And onions to La Paz Sheriff administration for not sticking up for your people. There should have been a very in-depth conversation between Drum and Rogers about the LACK OF PROSECUTION and the spineless drivel that is this case. Instead, there’s just radio silence and “the way its always been done” continues. I gotta get out of this place, the Good Ol’ Boy’s club around here is making it hard to breathe.

  8. An in depth conversation with Drum is NOT possible, especially after 12 noon. And besides Larry Irwin really runs the shit show that is LPCSO. Maybe Martin Brannon would’ve handled the prosecution better??? It’s all about making plea deals to shore up conviction rates. Justice be damned!!! You’re right about the bad ol boys club suffocating justice around here. What do you expect when Drum is absentee, Irwin is always about the Irwin’s keeping their paycheck alive, and LT. Bagby, leader of a failed Task Force, ( I predict many useless arrests based on informant buys before the upcoming election, to show PR policing is alive and well in La Paz) lives outside the County. You pretty much have disaster baked into the recipe. Wake up La Paz County. You are ruled by a full blown kakistocracy! Really, this is the end result of letting Dan Field be the County Administrator. (Does anyone remember what he did to Quartzsite? He’s doing the same to the rest of us now!) You’d think the Board of Stupidvisors would’ve figured this out by now.

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