Race traffic: what you need to know Saturday in Parker

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For 4 hours on Saturday, a stretch of California Avenue will be closed in Parker, AZ for a new street start at the Parker 425 off-road race beginning at 1:30pm. A detour will keep traffic moving around the closure.

2016 is the first year that the popular street start will happen in the afternoon instead of early in the morning. For more information on the reasons behind the change, check out our interview with race director Casey Folks by clicking HERE.

A detour will be in effect from around 11:30am until around 3:30pm, taking traffic onto Kofa Avenue (see the red line on our MAP) between Agency and 19th Street. The fun begins at precisely 1:30pm when some of the most advanced and powerful vehicles in the sport of off-road racing line up on California Avenue to hit the gas at the start line. Expect lots of people to form crowds on the street to watch. The racecourse exits the main road at 18th Street (see the blue line on our MAP) and shoots off into open desert.

The street start is the second race of the day: an earlier start at 6am will happen at the Parker Python on the north-east side of Parker Airport, and many of those vehicles will still be out on the racecourse at 1:30pm.


Spectators can watch both races from the Python, from a number of places on Shea Road (pictured in our MAP) and from the ‘Y’ area near the town of Bouse, AZ. For more detailed spectator information and rules, see the race organizers’ release HERE. Watch the finish of the later race from around 8pm at BlueWater Resort & Casino North Parking Lot.

The BlueWater Resort & Casino Parker 425 is presented by Impact and will be covered live by KLPZ 1380am from 10:30am until 4pm (a live audio stream can be heard HERE; simulcast here on Parker Live).




With big changes coming at this year’s Parker 425, CLICK HERE to hear from the man behind the race on what to expect, why the format will be different, how we got two races out of one, and why Casey is still excited by off-road racing after all these years.


  1. Mark Mann

    Sure you have known for weeks but figured I would tag ya Kyle Bryson ???? ????

  2. JoDean Whitney Parker

    Thank you for the info Raejean Belsaguy ☺ ❤ ????

  3. Steve Barbara

    no problem for me.. is in my backyard in bouse haha. will avoid parker that day 😉

  4. Adam Robledo

    6AM and 1:30PM start? This year will be sik????

  5. Terri LaMont Amsbury

    Dana Yearta. Will this affect our trip there?

  6. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    that gives everyone time to come get a hot breakfast at Crossroads Cafe eggs benedict, pancakes, chorizo & eggs, omelets and much more at Crossroads Cafe in Parker or Breakfast at Bobby Ds 50’s Diner, also avail at Bobby D’s, malts, banana splits, our famous Reuben, Pastrami, or just a great Cheeseburger & Fries. lots of tasty appetizers. see our new life size statue of ELVIS.. see everyone at the restaurants and at the races.. Good Fun & Good Food

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