Parker Treasure Hunt: February


The Parker Treasure Hunt is back for the month of February. Clues will appear on KLPZ 1380am’s morning show every day, and then on this page (below) one day later. You’re looking for an item, hidden within Parker city limits, which has Lane’s logo on it. You can bring it to Lane’s and trade it for real cash if you find it. Good luck!


2/2 – This place has been many things, it has quite a past, the things I see were built strong to last.

2/3 – Not under the ground, not high in the air, in a couple of months we can go to the Fair.

2/4 – Not at the North, not at the South, you drive right by when you’re out and about.

2/5 – In years gone by, you could see many things, if you look in the museum, the town sure has changed.


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