Viewfinder: 25th Annual Desert Dash


Parker Rotary’s annual Desert Dash went off for the 25th time this morning on Cienega Springs Road, with an estimated 500 walkers, runners and cyclists heading out to the famous Desert Bar.


  1. Sam Camarata

    Warm day I hope I donated enough water

  2. Danae DeLey

    I want to do this next year CherylTom Hight!!

  3. Steve Nault

    Did my brother John Nault run

  4. CherylTom Hight

    I’ve done it like 5 times!

  5. Maggie McNamara

    Chris McNamara Meghan McNamara Allison McNamara
    Winning next year!!

  6. Marlena Baurmann Fredenburg

    Sunny Keep Margaret BaurmannHave you guys ever heard of this?

  7. Carol Esparza-Moorman

    I survived another Desert Dash Ya Hooo!!! A great day for a walk out to the Desert Bar!!!

  8. Margaret Baurmann

    No! Never heard about it. That would have been something different to do!

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