Toasty February packs the Parker Strip

If you don’t usually think of February as the month to be on the river, then you may have missed the action the past few weeks.

Emerald Cove Resort

After 15 straight days with temps above 80 degrees, the Parker Strip has been a hive of activity, with not just snowbirds but visitors of all ages taking to the river. Although the water temp is still too cold for all except the bravest, the cool clear water has still been inviting for boaters and personal watercraft users.

On Sunday afternoon, Parker Live took a look at the packed resorts along the Colorado River north of Parker, AZ, and almost all of them looked close to full, with RVs, fifth-wheels, trailers and tents lining the shoreline for miles. Plenty of boats were out on the water, full of people enjoying the balmy weather. At least 3 live bands were entertaining crowds at river bars. Sundance, Fox’s, Roadrunner, Pirate’s Den, BlueWater and other places were busy serving customers.

“Spring has sprung in Parker already,” said Mary Hamilton, Director of the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce. “We are getting some amazing reaction and engagement from people online. The winter visitors are asking if this weather is normal! We tell them it’s a little warm for this time of year but we’re digging it! It’s why we live here.”

Spring Break is coming up but isn’t typically regarded as anything near peak season in Parker, with the real river season beginning with the start of summer on Memorial Day weekend and Tube Float. But, this past weekend in February 2016, you could’ve fooled us.

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  1. Joe Sena

    more like PACKS the WalMart parking lot !!!

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