Tribal fuel station pushes Parker gas prices lower


A new truck stop fuel station with a convenience store was opened by the Colorado River Indian Tribes Friday in Parker.

The station bears the name Running Man Fuel and is the latest addition to one of the Parker area’s key markets, with the large crowd attesting to the importance of fuel and auto-related products and services in Parker’s tourist-driven economy.

CRIT Chairman Dennis Patch cut the ribbon at the grand opening just after noon, telling the crowd it was a good day for the tribes.

“This should be a proud day for you,” Patch told CRIT members in the crowd. “If you want gas you can now get it from your own tribe.”


Regular unleaded gasoline was pumping for $1.85 (and nine-tenths) per gallon at Friday’s grand opening. Three of Running Man’s competitors were all selling at $1.85 early on Friday afternoon, a fourth station was at $1.86 and a fifth was selling for $1.87. Gasoline prices are continuing on a downward trend nationwide, but it seems likely that the latest prices are a response to CRIT entering the market.

The fuel market in Parker is driven by a large amount of traffic year-round, including a big market for RVs, SUVs and trucks, boats and other performance or recreational vehicles and watercraft. Parker is also on a relatively well-used trucking route, so CRIT’s bet is that an oversized lot and ‘truck stop’ style will pay off in the long run.

“The name comes from the Mohave tradition of running messengers,” said CRIT Vice-Chairman Keith Moses. “That’s how we used to get messages from one tribe to another and from place to place. Those running men were the way that we communicated with the community around us. So it’s a very significant name.”

Moses said the name was the winner of a contest in the Manataba Messenger. A second location near the entrance to Avi Suquilla Airport will also be called Running Man Fuel when it is completed.


Why are Parker fuel prices so high? Parker Live’s answer HERE.


  1. Jim Wooddell

    I hope this is the beginning of Gas Wars and not just more price fixing.

  2. Janepher McBride

    Congratulations and thank you

  3. Brian Gwin

    Is this the gas station next to Safeway?

  4. Brian Alan

    By lap paz regional hospital

  5. I think the name “Running Man” should of been in the Mojave language. Serves as a teaching tool in our traditional language in which we are loosing.

  6. Robert Shank

    Still about 30 cents higher than the state average. Do the tribes pay the state tax? If not, why so high?

  7. Mandy Shank

    They are opening a second location there in the future though!

  8. Shirley Humeumptewa

    We should be proud that WE have a leader that did not choose to wait, he ACTED, WENT FORWARD, EXECUTED an now here We are as a Tribes. Proud our Council members backed him up. Ever so happy it is a full body of GOVERNMENT in agreement to work together for one purpose for Our Tribal Membership. -Shirley

  9. Lynnette Stevens

    This Gas station is by La Paz Regional Hospital.

  10. Rachel Davis

    Anyone know how much gas price is

  11. Virge-Smith Senger-Miller

    Gas prices in Quartzsite are cheaper than that.

  12. Laurie Wise

    To Rachel, while in Parker yesterday….the price for regular was $1.84 ( I think). Lower than Woody’s or Zip’s. Since the tanks are new, the gas should be free of contaminants.

  13. Fernando Baldenegro

    Still a rip off $1.23 in Casa Grande A.M.PM. I- 10 and Florence blvd

  14. I paid 1.35 a gallon today in Bullhead City. Good luck with those prices…

  15. I lived in parker for 34 years. Now I live in Alamogordo NM. Our gas is down to $1.43 and still dropping.

  16. Sorry that’s supposed to be $1.34

  17. Marty Grant

    Finally! Took forever to open!

  18. Still a rip off! I pay only $.10/gallon more in California – paid $1.39/gallon along the I-10 corridor just the past two days. Parker needs to stop ripping people off – that includes the Indians! And I don’t wanna hear BS about it costing more to get it there.

  19. $1.39 in Arizona. Sorry!

  20. Simple: BOYCOTT

  21. Jim Wooddell

    I paid $1.85 for diesel yesterday in Kingman. I won’t need to buy local fuel this month!
    In regards to the taxes someone asked about, read this report:

  22. Fred,
    How you feel is how the rest of us feel about living in Dan Field Kounty. It’s embarrassing that we have the Sheriff’s office we have, meth out of control, no industry, sky high taxes, complicit media, and a Board of Stupidvisors that goes along with the schemes. At least you can “escape” to the Rez.

  23. What a nut job!!!!!

  24. John,
    Why did you delete Fred’s rant?

  25. Teri Gary

    Yup I’ll stop off there on my way to work tomorrow. NOT!

  26. Well, that was nice of you!

  27. Orlando Short Sr

    its gonna be $150.00 3-3-2016 till 2pm

  28. Only 2 places I’ll ever buy gas in Parker. Chevron/terribles and the Conoco by the dam.

  29. I am sure Fred will rant more very soon, Michael. Can’t seem to help himself.

  30. I come here often to see what Fred has to say. We need more like him. Freedom of speech should be encouraged more in these parts. It’s one thing that made America great!!!!! I sure do miss the old America!

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