Community workshop to be held on future of Parker

What will the town of Parker look like in the next 10 to 25 years? A discussion that will help shape the future is on the table at a community workshop to be held later this week.


Topics at the workshop will include how to grow a sustainable economy, how to create an enhanced quality of life and how to develop a unique town character that supports local lifestyles.

“This is one of the best opportunities for the community to capture what the town of Parker will look like in ten to twenty-five years,” said Tim Edwards, Public Works Director at the Town. “Job creation is one of the stated goals of our community. What are other goals that we should consider in our common effort to make the Town of Parker a better place to live, work and play?”

The workshop is to be open to all residents with opportunities to share their thoughts about Parker’s assets, issues and values which will help shape policy for the next 10 years.

“A general plan expresses a town’s vision, and is a key document that guides and underlies decisions made about the town’s future,” Edwards told Parker Live. “It establishes strategies to achieve community goals pertaining to what will be developed and where; how residents and traffic move through the town and how public services and facilities will be provided. The role of the general plan is to serve as a basis for rational decisions regarding a town’s long-term physical development. It also acts as a bridge between the community’s values and goals and decisions on physical development and resource allocation in the town.”


Edwards says they want as much community involvement as possible. The Town has hired Michael Baker International to facilitate the General Plan update, which will go on to suggest some changes needed to the Zoning Ordinance. The consultant will work with a Technical Advisory Committee to help sculpt changes needed to the Plan. The process includes community meetings for the purpose of capturing as many ideas as possible.

“Does the downtown need to look different from what it does today? Do we need to implement a particular streetscape program? Does the Town need to employ a zoning overlay that will allow a mixed use of commercial with residential to perhaps foster an old town main street look?”

These questions and residents’ own questions will be voiced at the community workshop this Wednesday, March 9th, from 6pm until 8pm at the Parker Community / Senior Center, 1115 W 12th Street, Parker, AZ, 85344.


  1. Good luck Parker! Central Planners don’t have a clue. Quartzsite is The epítome of central planning, how’s that worked out for qtown? If you want to see more success and prosperity create an Economic Freedom Zone for all of Parker and kick the bureaucrats to the curb!!!

  2. Let’s just start with Parker not looking like a dump: This town looks worse now than when I arrived here 14 years ago. Some kind of beautification program is needed. Enter from California and there’s graffitti on the train bridge, a big rusty “waterfront lots” available sign for Bluewater Lagoon. Coming from Havasu you don’t see the Welcome to Parker sign because it sits under the (rusty) Bealles sign. Coming from Quartzsite not so bad but the boarded up Dairy Queen looks terrible. The empty fenced lot on the corner of the main intersection.. hey it’s STILL for sale, that would be an incredible place for a small park with some shade. Maybe part of the general plan would be to generally clean this place up and show some pride in the town.

  3. Pride? This is Dan Field Kounty! If we can tolerate him and his gang we can certainly tolerate a few unkept properties! Throw out the elected and unelected scum and the problems will take care of themselves!

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