Free ice cream at Geronimo and 6th

UPDATE 12:44pm: It’s all gone!


Well, it’s happened again: a semi carrying Baskin Robbins ice cream has rolled over near Parker and Toe Truck is giving it away out of the back of a truck at Geronimo and 6th Street in Parker. Also available: a limited amount of frozen catfish, and boxes of frozen sweet potato fries. Come and get them!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.10.29 AM


  1. Laura Cole

    Bobby Cox let’s got

  2. Sharon Walton

    Angela this happens suspiciously often lol

  3. Elizabeth Jones

    Lmao why does this happen when I’m juicing

  4. BryAnna Aline Parks

    Jennifer Lynn Carter go get me ice cream ????????????

  5. Angela Hunter

    Lol I know! Hey free ice cream though!

  6. Christina Priest

    Chrissy Tailleur wht free ice cream? and your sleeping! lol

  7. Trixy Shirley

    You go get some i am at work

  8. Myrita Barley

    Are they still handing out ice cream?

  9. Mariah Charles

    Paul Chavez!!! lunch break =p

  10. Eric Anderson

    Marilyn Andersen really wish we were at Parker eating a bunch of free ice cream right now…..

  11. John Nault

    there’s a line for ever

  12. Ron Charles

    Thanks for the free ice cream, it was good.

  13. Lucy DelaTorre

    Ryan Ponce Sr. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO haha everyone’s getting all our ice cream Yomi Ruiz

  14. Parker Live Updates

    UPDATE 12:44pm: It’s all gone.

  15. Yomi Ruiz

    Does Cienna really need ice cream????

  16. Ryan Ponce Sr.

    Of course u would blame my daughter!!!

  17. Jane Hohlt

    With out social media none of this would have been possible. Thanks.

  18. Bobby Cox

    Duuuude, that would be rad

  19. Jessica Shontz

    I was in Kingman this morning.

  20. Shirley Humeumptewa

    Gawww I always get left out of everything an dang it Why do Tribal Secretary people get to get it?????? Gee they make enough money to buy a truck load for themselves

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