Police chase through Parker town ends near Vidal Junction


A police chase involving a stolen vehicle ended in the desert near Vidal Junction Monday afternoon.

The vehicle was reported stolen from a business upriver. La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputies recovered the vehicle and then the suspect reportedly fled when they tried to take him into custody. The chase took law enforcement through the town of Parker, where Parker Police Department assisted in the pursuit.

The chase continued across the bridge over the river into California and past Big River. Near Vidal Junction the suspect was reportedly pursued off-road for a mile or so before ditching the vehicle and jumping out on foot.

He was reportedly arrested and taken into custody by La Paz County Sheriff’s Department.


  1. Julie Maddox

    I wonder if they have a Texaco sign LOL Good Job nabbing those Losers!!

  2. Marlene Mcclary

    more excitement in Parker! love it!

  3. Ted Thomas

    Saw a bronze suburban fly out of the little market at Parker dam road and 62, ran the stop sign passed cars on the shoulder, then driving over the bridge passing everybody down the middle, who was that

  4. Tim Hamilton

    What was the suspects name?

  5. Rayeann Solano

    I would prefer other types of excitement for Parker. Fools like this put people’s lives at danger sending police on a chase through town. I wouldn’t consider that excitement…

  6. Kerstin Reed

    That’s was my kids dad suburban that the loser stole!!!

  7. Tammy Maddox Walkley

    I wonder if we are related. ???? lol Grandma Pat would always call and tell me when another relative made the paper. Lol

  8. Becca Verner

    Made the little town news. Lol just glad you’re okay and the car is okay. ???? just another Tweaker off the streets.

  9. Sky Doss

    I’m glad my cars okay also. What a pos

  10. Gary Goss

    The road runner catches the coyote… Beep beep…

  11. Debbie Serrano Mensen

    He wanted some beef jerky! Samantha Williams Pulido

  12. Yeah a friend On FB was saying she seen this and was almost hit and it scared the life out of her! Crazy!

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