Sheriff’s Office: Cynthia Williams not an informant

Cynthia Williams was not a confidential informant, according to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office.


Since her death over a week ago, erroneous reports have circulated alleging that Williams, who was found deceased in the Parker Valley on March 9th, was an informant for the county’s narcotics task force.

The rumors appear to spring from the fact that Williams was arrested last year and then released, despite allegedly having methamphetamine in her vehicle. The arrest happened on Memorial Day weekend when Sheriff’s sergeant on patrol stopped Williams in Ehrenberg and noted she was acting nervously. A K-9 unit ‘alerted’ on the vehicle and a search was made, allegedly uncovering two ounces of meth. (Parker Live’s original story is HERE.)

But the charges were later dismissed by the County Attorney’s Office and Williams was released. Now that she has been killed, some have speculated that she was working with the Sheriff’s Office, explaining why she was released instead of prosecuted. But the Sheriff’s Office says that isn’t the reason she was released.

A Sheriff’s spokesperson confirmed to Parker Live that Cynthia Williams had a personal matter that led to her release, one that had nothing to do with law enforcement or anything related to the arrest. Although the department would not be drawn on what exactly the matter was, it is a fairly common occurrence that charges are dropped when there is not a good likelihood of conviction, or for other unspecified reasons.

Other rumors had said that Williams was not the only victim of murder, and that others had been found. Those too are false, according to law enforcement.

Anybody with information on the murder of Cynthia Williams can anonymously call the CRIT Police Tips Line at (928) 669-5341.


  1. Rose Gonzalez

    Doesn’t what she was or what she did or didn’t do her was taken from her and something needs to be done and if there are others justice also needs to be done .

  2. Penny Lynn

    Who cares about her past. She was Murdered. She was someone’s daughter, sister, etc. The past is gone. They need to focus on Progress and solving this case as well as others.
    So sad…. Prayers for her family

  3. Katherine Wheatley

    But even if she was an informant, the public would not know about it. That’s the whole point. May she rest in peace and her family find comfort.

  4. they are lying and trying to cover their asses. U don’t get out for any personal matter when u get busted with 2 ounces of meth. ######### [ed]

  5. Lori Leitzke Lusk

    I agree Katherine. I highly doubt if she was helping them if they’d really share that information. I hope the family finds peace and the culprit is caught!

  6. Corey Lynn Nash

    I agree the person or persons need to be caught! I hope they find the responsible party! Anyone who knows anything should say something, drugs may be one thing, taking someone’s life is another; and she did not deserve this nor does her family!!…. Even if you don’t know for sure it’s best to say something!! Rather than nothing at all!!!

  7. um excuse u mr editor guy why do u keep deleting the truth when it’s spoken. Not good. Karma baby watch

  8. It’s nothing to do with truth. Libel, slander, insults, profanity and other things aren’t allowed on this site and comments will be removed. Be nice and respectful in making your point and there’s no problem. But you can’t accuse people without evidence or it’s called libel. We’ll remove it.

  9. r u serious. U had no problem blasting her last year when she got busted u published article even tho she was suppose to b innocent until proven guilty and then case was dismissed by some mysterious surroundings so that means she is not guilty right. But u still have article posted and that’s a form of slander toward her since she was never convicted. Just sayin. Use some common sense before u hypocritically speak.

  10. I don’t think you understand libel or slander. That article was simply reporting an arrest, and contained the words, “is to be considered innocent until proven guilty in court” about Cynthia Williams. Most news organizations never include that reminder, but I think it’s important. We’re just trying to report the news in a responsible way. (Original article can be found HERE. Thanks.)

  11. Thank you for those of you that Are understanding and not judging the way my cousin lived her life and pointing out her wrongs . She was a beautiful person inside and out. She didn’t have much but wouldn’t think twice of giving to another that needed it she had a big heart. And also she was a strong women and would stand her own ground there is no way she would try blaming her wrongs on others nor even think about trying to get herself outta an situation she got herself in. You people that say things about her gettin out you didn’t know her nor what personal matters she Was going thru. So please stop assuming you know everything and talking about my cousin. Our family don’t need to be hearing your dumb opinions on what wrongs she did there is much more to her she was a mother sister and daughter . She didn’t deserve to be takin like that .. But please feel free speak up when you can give us info that will lead to justice.. Focus on positives and get the cruel heartless individual (s) behind bars.

  12. How was she murdered?

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