CRIT’s controlled burn seen as far as Havasu


A controlled burn is part of a spring brush cleanup today at the Ahakhav Tribal Preserve on the eastern shore of the Colorado River just south of Parker. The smoke can be seen for many miles around and raised questions about the fire throughout the area, including from as far as Lake Havasu City.

CRIT Fire, CRIT Environmental Protection Office and the Ahakhav Preserve are monitoring the fire, which is burning off excess vegetation next to the river, according to CRIT.








  1. Teri Lindsay

    who is controlling the fire? don’t see any vehicles/firefighters…..

  2. Cherry Cooper

    Control right??!…we are front row

  3. Barbara J Ellis

    ????thanks for the info…..

  4. Bonny Toy

    Hee, hee….. I thought WiFi replaced smoke signals!

  5. Nellie Bly

    Umm looks pretty out of control to me….just saying..but what do i know….

  6. Carla Maglietto Davies

    What the heck were they burning?

  7. Raylee Hatch

    There ya go….lol Anthony John Moody Nelson

  8. For a moment there I thought it was my “Emissions-Cheating” VW Jetta TDI Diesel…LOL.

  9. Erik Wahlrab

    Wasn’t me this time!

  10. Erik Wahlrab

    I only burn palm trees lol

  11. Crystal Pelerine

    The burning makes the air quality horrible.

  12. They have NEVER controlled a burn……they just torch it

  13. Sherri Vartanian

    So there was no out of control fire burning???

  14. Parker Live Updates

    Yes. One in Parker, a controlled burn. Another in Topock, a wildfire.

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