Construction begins on B-95 near Miraleste Shores


Starting Tuesday, a construction project is underway on Business 95 / Riverside Drive north of Parker that will cause delays for traffic until at least mid-July.

The project has already removed the asphalt surface, leaving the dirt underneath. Sewer and storm drain systems will be installed, and then the road will be resurfaced.

It affects 1900 feet of roadway between Miraleste Shores and the Buckskin Fire Station. One lane will be open with traffic passable one direction at a time. A speed limit of 15 miles per hour will be in effect through the construction zone.


  1. Sam Camarata

    Got stuck in it today. Sucks.

  2. Tin Win

    Thanks for update, good to know

  3. Diane

    what are they ‘constructing’?

  4. Mario Cuevas

    What are they going to build.

  5. Who is doing the dirt work?

  6. Grant Dick

    Joel see if you can find out who is doing this project please. maybe I could come out of retirement. nothing better than the thought of working in Parker during July.

  7. Greg Parker

    There were no signs until the guy with the Stop/Slow sign. The guys at the other end controlling traffic weren’t, they knocked off for a beer and let on coming traffic in our lane.

  8. Sewers are going in. Take the highway if possible, it’s all dirt. And you have to WAIT.

  9. Brian Armstrong

    Good to know that they’re working on the drainage and street. It’s going to be a real mess during the Tube Float though. I hope they redirect traffic to 95 and Golf Course Drive.

  10. Mary Hamilton

    Thank you for your observation, Brian. I will definitely check into this for the Tube Float. ~Parker Area Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director

  11. Buddy Cloy

    Thanks for the heads up!

  12. David Harbury

    Cool picture, I see my old swimmin’ hole. Love that river.

  13. Glad to be a part of this.

  14. great idea to do this during the 3 biggest weekends on the river !!

  15. This project is a County drainage project. The contractor is Mike Dyer. Questions need to be referred to Public Works.

    The sewer project has begun but is not part of this particular project. For questions on the sewer project please call the District offices.

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