Road rage incident leads to shooting


A road rage incident continued to a motorist’s front yard in Brenda, AZ Thursday, according to La Paz County Sheriff’s Office.

At about 3:30pm, Paul George was returning home to his residence at the Desert Gold RV Park in Brenda when he says he passed another driver on Highway 60.

The other driver and his daughter then allegedly followed him to his home began yelling at him about his driving style. This verbal altercation quickly escalated when George walked into his home and allegedly returned to the yard with a pistol. At some point George reportedly shot the male subject and his daughter, who were 80 years old and 45 years old respectively.

George was taken into custody for two counts of aggravated assault and the two victims were flown by helicopter for medical treatment.

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office says it is believed that both victims will survive their gunshot injuries, and that the outcomes of their surgeries will be considered before releasing their names to the public.

The incident is entirely unrelated to a triple homicide that occurred off Salome Road earlier the same week.


  1. Aaron Holt

    If U follow someone to their home looking to start a fight and get shot, that is your own stupidity

  2. Del Ferguson

    So Arizona, had a guy dislike something I said, he goes and gets a gun. I backed down and reported the guy. Officer says to me ” This is Arizona, get use to it “.

  3. Michelle Usher

    They shouldn’t have followed him home. If strangers did that to me I would go get a gun too.

  4. Teri Gary

    The guy shoulda just called the police.

  5. Rafa Solaiza Sr.

    He’s 80…. what do you need a gun for? He still shouldn’t have followed him… Just saying.

  6. Joe Sena

    when someone is following you.. NEVER go home…. go to a POLICE STATION or certainly call 911 on your cell and intercept the responding officer !

  7. Raymond Meza

    So a man drives crazy and a 80 yr old man confronts him…with a 45 yr old daughter….and the crazy driver grabs a gun and shoots ..NOT 1 …BUT BOTH…I personally feel both were not a threat…and if warning shots?…I think the guys a coward for harming the harmless….but that’s my opinion. ..we all know how corrupt it is here in la paz…I wouldn’t doubt if the victim’s get charged. ..depending on who the shooter knows..

  8. Whole lot of stupidity on both parties. But at 80 years old, he should now better.

  9. Denise Harrison

    Dumb people…
    Angry people
    Lost souls ????

  10. Arizona is such an embarrassment now. Why don’t they put up a sign that reads “Have you failed in your home state? Then here where we celebrate idiots, drunks, and losers of all kinds (we prefer white though.)”

  11. Candi Evans

    This don’t just happen in AZ it’s all over in every state. People do stupid things.

  12. Del Ferguson

    Your so right. The thing about this guy was he had a history of showing a gun. Just a matter of time before he does hurt someone with it. Scared me…

  13. Candi Evans

    If La Paz is so corrupt as you say, maybe you should leave.

  14. Raymond Meza

    Or maybe how about I do something about it huh? And we and my family are currently not only looking for my sister CYNTHIA ANN WILLIAMS murderer…we are also part of a community awareness group aimed at fighting domestic violence, child abuse, and alcohol and drugs…maybe you should come down and join..

  15. Süd Schiller

    Nothing is better than a community that works together. The law enforcement has become a revenue collecting regime and thats all its going to be from now till the end of eternity. Keep fighting the good fight!

  16. Raymond Meza


  17. hey, no days a gun or knife is the answer to all problems. there is not way the law can kept the guns away from bad people. how did guns and knifes get to be the answer to all problems?

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