Jail officer arrested after ‘inappropriate relationship’ with prisoner


A former La Paz County Jail detention officer was arrested Wednesday after an investigation revealed that he was having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate at the facility in Parker.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Office says that an investigation showed that Bradford Doran had been allegedly providing a female inmate with money, phone cards and other preferential treatment while employed with the jail.

His employment has since been terminated and he was booked into the jail as an inmate and he was booked into jail on suspicion of ‘Unauthorized Communication with a Prisoner’, a Class 2 misdemeanor.

On Thursday, Doran reportedly pleaded guilty in the Parker Justice Court.


  1. Stuart Curl

    Kevin Foote Sr. What’s up with Parker it’s been in the news for crazy shit lstely

  2. Süd Schiller

    The awakening of accountability… I am sure he is going to hate the month paid-leave after they conduct a “internal review”

  3. Roberta Cecilia Miller

    He was terminated there is no paid leave

  4. Yesenia Ramirez

    Patty M Flores ?? Is this the same one ??

  5. Patty M Flores

    I don’t think we talked about it?

  6. Whitney Lopez

    Dang crazy he used to work at the casino for abit

  7. I’ve been trying to tell everyone that the LaPaz county Sheriff department is extremely corrupt! IA needs to investigate the WHOLE damn department. ###

  8. Whitney Lopez

    Michael Ramos he was in the willow side

  9. Was he hittin that? Ya!!!

  10. Stephanie Bernal

    That brings getting fired to a whole new level. .. can you imagine? “Your fired, now we are arresting you take off your clothes for a strip search” all in one breath! Wow

  11. I grew up in Parker in the 50’s & 60’s, a PHS ’62 grad. Parker and surrounding areas were very different then. Killing were extremely rare, the same with auto accident with fatalities. everyone knew the 2-3 police officers and chief and they knew all of us. 60 years later, I still remember Officer Arliss Carter who alternated between the Parker and CRIT police. We respected the police and they were lenient with some of the crazy thinks we did as teenagers! Very sadden to hear about more of these issues.

  12. Joe- Parker is a great place and a safe place, statistically speaking. It’s just a little bigger than when you were growing up I think!

  13. Candi Evans

    What makes you think it would of been a month paid leave?

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