One pedestrian dead, one injured in crash near Parker

UPDATE: Added below.


According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, two pedestrians were struck late Thursday night on Highway 95 north of Parker, killing one and seriously injuring the other.

The two pedestrians were walking in the outside lane of traffic, according to a DPS spokesperson. They were struck by a passenger vehicle at around 10:25pm at milepost 145.6. The driver of the vehicle was not injured in the incident.

One of the pedestrians died at the scene while the other was transported to a Phoenix area hospital with critical injuries.

Names are not being released pending notification of next of kin.

UPDATE: From the Martin family, by Mary Hamilton

“Our deepest and most sincere condolences to the Hanks family on the loss of their daughter, mother and sister Skye. You are in our daily prayers.

My nephew, Steven Tyler Martin, was the critically injured person in the accident Thursday night, May 5, 2016 on Highway 95 in Parker. Arizona. His girlfriend, Skye Christine was killed.
Steven has been flown to Phoenix and has suffered multiple injuries. He is in critical condition. He has several bones that have been fractured, some of the bones have penetrated the skin and required surgery. He underwent surgery yesterday for his right elbow, and his left shoulder. He has a broken collar bone and a broken foot. The compound fractures are quite serious and this whole process is evolving to determine the extent of his injuries. He has sustained multiple fractures in his lower spine. He is currently sedated and intubated in the trauma ICU. He does respond to stimuli. We do not have any information on the extent of any neurological or internal injuries.

I will continue to post updates as they are available.

Thank you in advance for prayers, kind thoughts for those affected by this horrific tragedy.”


  1. Kelli Scott

    Rip Skye u will be missed . Praying for your parents,brother and Twins . Lost another to that road 🙁

  2. Francine Ruiz

    What was the name of the victim ?

  3. Kelli Scott

    Skye hanks, grew up in Parker .

  4. Francine Ruiz

    Ok thank you. My condolences to his family.

  5. Terry Hippa Casatrz

    R. I . P. Skye. I will miss you so much.

  6. Rick Reed

    Walking in the traffic lanes late at night?! Prayers for the driver ,They must now live with this tragedy for the rest of their life!

  7. Debbra Collier

    My heart is heavy I’m praying for her loving family I will miss your kindness

  8. Kristin Marie

    I cant believe she is gone. And you are right Kelli, another one lost to that road, its as bad as Shay Road, Bouse Road, and Rice road.

  9. Uncle rubs loves you skye

  10. I will be missing you,
    uncle tim

  11. Sharon Butters

    So sad, she had those babies.

  12. Rhea Clapperton

    So very sad, God bless her family and children, does anyone know who she was with?

  13. RIP Skye. Poor twins and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  14. Rebecca Goddard

    I just am soooo sad :'(

  15. Oh, Skye! I love and miss you.

  16. My heart goes out to the ones who loved her and to the person who was driving

  17. Please, the identity of the other pedestrian who survived???

  18. RIP SKYE,another one of the kids lost on that road

  19. Deanne White

    I’m really disappointed that nobody even asked about the other person, who is in critical care. I love Skye she was one of my best friends, but Steven isn’t doing too well and he’s a human being, too

  20. Mary Hamilton

    Thank you very much Deanne. I have created a blog to update on Steven Martin. Here is the link:

  21. Julia-Rae Lenhart

    I don’t have tumbler. How is he doing? I don’t know him but knew Skye.

  22. Sally Reno

    Rest In Peace Skye. Prayers for strength for the family and loved ones.

  23. Deanne White

    Mary Hamilton can I share that on Facebook?

  24. Mary Hamilton

    Yes. I will provide an update tonight as well. Thank you.

  25. Deanne White

    Mary Hamilton thank you

  26. Joe French

    What a tragedy for everyone. Why?! I am so sad about this.

  27. A life has ended another in critical condition fighting for his life…Steve keep on kicken man it’s going to be hard but you can make it..Skye my beautiful friend, may your kind soul adventure into the everlasting garden….I know your always and forever be watching over your babies and love ones. Like a few people said that road has taken another innocent life…R.I.P Skye

  28. R. I . P. Skye. xo-

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