First food served at new China Garden to waiting crowd

A popular Parker restaurant that made news when it burned down in late 2014 opened again to the public at lunchtime Wednesday.

A line of hungry people queued up outside China Garden ahead of its 11am opening, eager to get back to eating at one of the community’s favorite food spots. 

When the restaurant went up in flames, an outpouring of sentiment flowed on this website and elsewhere from visitors to the Parker area far and wide who claim China Garden as their favorite Chinese restaurant.

“It sounds crazy to my friends when I tell them,” one of them said, “but the best Chinese food I’ve had is in Parker, Arizona.”

The first customer through the door was Josh Savino, who had lined up from around 9am and posted updates on his Facebook page. “The whole town showed up!” he said.

Early reports from the first customers into the brand new eatery were that the food is just as good as it was and the atmosphere is even better than before.


  1. LaChelle Anderson

    Tina Short your in the pic. Just cute

  2. Susan Rivera

    Raquel Santiago when we gonna go eat

  3. Raquel Santiago

    OMG is open ????
    Cuando vengas friend im down ????????????

  4. Craig Baker

    Great. Been waiting for this to happen

  5. Susan Rivera

    Ok Cuando vaya para Aya we will go

  6. Teri Gary

    Oh its all open seating inside. Now everyone can sit and see everyone there

  7. Annette Greek

    I’ll see you soon!!!!!

  8. Janepher McBride

    Congratulations on your reopening. We have missed you and your meals. We will be there in November.

  9. Brian Rounds

    Yes!!! Mongolian beef time

  10. Liz Gosliga

    Thank GOD!!!! I have been waiting what seems like a life time for you guys to re-open!!!!!!

  11. Tim O

    Been missing these guys!!!

  12. Laurie Wise

    Hubby has been patiently waiting for its opening. No longer! Yeah!

  13. Jeri Woodley Braska

    Yay yay yay ?!!! Can’t wait to eat there!!! Love love your food!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  14. Kathleen Martinez

    Can’t wait till I get off work I’m so excited!!????

  15. Cassandra Ryan

    Dina Lawless your place is now open

  16. Dianne Gamboa

    Yay, glad they have finally reopened. Best Chinese food ever!

  17. Michael Ahumada

    Jerry Barbanell Now we have another option besides Strokes. Can their fried chicken compete with Peeking Dragon?

  18. Grant Berube

    Thank God, miss your awesome food and service.

  19. Carol Keto Armstrong

    Yay ! Such good food . We can’t wait . 🙂

  20. had lunch there today….awesome food ,friendly staff.. look forward to the next meal…

  21. Well worth the wait and reasonable pricing, food is excellent and friendly service. We look forward to dining at least 1 night of our trips to the river.

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