Viewfinder: Idiot Rock


The rock spray-painted last year in an act of vandalism that outraged many is looking much better now. It appears that someone has tried to match the color of the rock and cover over the ugly white spray-paint that had been there since August 2015.

Last year, Parker Live reported that a Corona, CA man who appeared to fess up to the tag was wanted by law enforcement in connection with it. There are no further updates on that element of the story.

Original article HERE.


  1. I hope no one else will think of trying to spray paint that roc again, as my wife said that since Corona had no momuments of its own that the people who live think it is OK to go somewhere else and do something like that there. I hope he either won’t come back there again or if he does he will stay away from that place for good, I always think it is kids who do things like that but now we it is adults too who do it. I hope the riverside county courts have him under probation at this time now and he had better be as good as he can be and do anything that could fine him or give him a short stay in the jails.

  2. Danny Crayton

    Thanks mystery painter!

  3. Michael Collins

    Further proof of the incompetence of our government.. that we all had to stare at this for so long..

  4. Maybe the “idiot” that defaced the rock should have been the one to fix it, along with a stiff fine! ????

  5. Joanne C. Barnett

    There are so many assholes out there, they can’t find anything better to do bu to mess up nature!

  6. Janepher McBride

    Thank you. Whomever you are. The fock does look much better now.

  7. Gloria Andreano Freemon

    Is it really called “Idiot Rock”?

  8. Janaire Lee

    So many memories….we never vandalized it, though. It was for jumping.????????????????????

  9. James Newman

    I thought it was “rabbit rock”. If you look at it from up river between buckskin and Big Ben it looks like a rabbit. There is even a bush growing that makes it look like a cotton tail.

  10. Robert Horn

    How is jumping off there messing up nature the only result I have seen Is the Idiot getting hurt that jumped……..

  11. Joanne C. Barnett

    We were talking about the guy that spray painted it!

  12. B.j. Madewell

    I don’t consider it vandalism. So many people have heard the stories of “idiot rock” but don’t know where or which one it is. Now they know.

  13. Another idiot that cant read… just like the rock!!! LOL

  14. Joe Sena

    James Newman Rabbit rock is upriver from there on the Cali side near big bend resort

  15. Joe Sena

    idiot rock is just up from Sundance on the Az side

  16. Gloria Andreano Freemon

    Why do the call it Idiot Rock? Usually they name a formation that looks like something.

  17. Melissa Newton

    Because there are people that hurt themselves jumping off of it when they don’t jump from the correct side

  18. Lauretta Simmons

    Melissa Newton , yes they think they can jump far enough to land in the water, but land on the road instead.

  19. Jesse Newton

    Just on the downriver side… Upriver side is totally safe… It was our hangout as kids…

  20. Jesse Newton

    Can I spray paint your name and address on your house?

  21. B.j. Madewell

    My address is already on my house, thanks though! 😉

  22. Jesse Newton

    Got me…. Is it spray painted in big ugly letters or numbers?

  23. B.j. Madewell

    I get it, it wasn’t pretty.

  24. Shawn Alexander

    Like the asshole that burned the shoe tree. String him up!!!

  25. Jane Kendall

    Yep they jump off of it not even knowing what is under the water close to the rock.

  26. And yet that stipid,idiot thing I did around July 4th 1987, is a story I have repeated over and over again. It’s scary walkin’ up , when you peep over the edge and see where your jumpin’ from then you jump anyway and OMG whatta freakin’ rush !! Then you hit that concrete that looked like water from up there. If your ankles weren’t firmly together…….LOL Idiot.

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