One firefighter injured at Parker fireworks show

One firefighter sustained non- life threatening injuries at a fireworks show in Parker Monday night, according to the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

One of the pyrotechnics used in the show was defective and did not discharge completely into the air, CRIT Chairman Dennis Patch said in a press release.

“Acting according to their training and experience, one firefighter alerted the other firefighters to the malfunctioning firework,” Patch said. “All firefighters on scene secured the other remaining fireworks. One canister of fireworks was open while two firefighters lit fireworks for the show. Embers ignited the fireworks in that canister before they could be fully secured, resulting in non- life threatening injuries to one firefighter as he evacuated the area.”

The firefighter is expected to make a full recovery, according to the release, having been treated for his injuries beginning immediately with an ambulance that was already on scene.

Nobody else was injured, but CRIT Fire decided to cancel the rest of the show after the incident.

The CRIT Fire Department runs the fireworks show annually at Four Corners.


  1. Barbara Ann Scott

    Prayers For The Family n A Speedy Recover For The Injured FireFighter

  2. David Nehrbass

    Wow. Glad it was non life threatening.

  3. Jennifer Rosina Kanady

    well in my head it was 🙂 its just a joke. so its morning and dont let shit get to ya 😉

  4. Jeffrey Williams

    What a hero risking his life for the safety of others. I wish you a fast recovery and many thanks for those you protected

  5. Pendejo indios.

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