New group of doctors to staff La Paz Regional Hospital


La Paz Regional Hospital will be teaming up with Yuma Regional Medical Center to provide supportive Emergency Department care, staffing physicians and nurse practitioners, and supportive hospitalist care. The new affiliation between the pair of not-for-profit community hospitals will begin in August and replace the existing physician group that staffs La Paz Regional.

“As the community hospital for Parker and the surrounding areas, La Paz Regional’s primary mission is to provide the very best care possible to our neighbors,” said hospital Board Chair Norm Simpson. “This move will not only bring emergency and hospital physicians here from Yuma, but we will be able to tap into Yuma’s highly successful primary care residency program. The Yuma providers will be partnering with current La Paz specialists – our general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and cardiologists, to name a few – to maintain the high quality standards for which La Paz is well known. Our goal is to keep patients in Parker for care rather than transferring patients outside of the community.”

La Paz County was once a part of Yuma County until residents voted to create a new La Paz County in 1983. La Paz Regional is a 25-bed hospital with medical clinics in Bouse, Parker, Quartzsite and Salome. Yuma Regional is a 406-bed hospital in Yuma.

“When the Board of Directors elected to pursue a new physician group to staff our Emergency Department, it was easy to see how our two hospitals could team up,” said Simpson, “Yuma Regional shares our not-for-profit mission. And Yuma Regional has been our go-to hospital for years. They helped train our first cath lab staff and brought their own people here to oversee the initial cases.”

Yuma Regional will begin staffing Emergency and Hospitalist physicians at La Paz in August.


  1. welcome Judy Bandy. a np.judy from Prescott. to our ER

  2. Woody Holman

    Hope they manage their patient load better than those in the past.

  3. Monalisa Cortez

    I am with you on that woody have never seen or

  4. Monalisa Cortez

    Nor have (we) been treated so unprofessional as the past bunch of so called Dr. we have with the exception of Dr.Proctor and Dr.Gear wish Dr.Proctor never retired…

  5. This press release is just a lie. La Paz Hospital has become a band-aid station. The current doctors in their clinic are all from outside the area and all they do is send patients to Lake Havasu or elsewhere and that does NOT help to keep people locally for their care. Also, now it looks like patients will be sent to Yuma for care. Again, this does nothing to help with local care. Norm Simpson is CLUELESS as to what has gone on at La Paz Hospital in the last 7 years. Dr. Kresock is the “main Man” responsible for opening the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and bringing local CARDIOLOGY care to Parker. Prior to that, we had NO cardiologist.
    The current Board of directors at La Paz Hospital are lying to the community and are selling out the hospital to outsiders! I have lived here for over 40 years and know the corruption of the past at the local level. I saw this same thing happen 10 years ago when the hospital went bankrupt and we the taxpayers had to bail it out. The current Hospital Board is doing the same thing again. Let’s recruit doctors that will stay and support the local economy!

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