Parker Police Department awarded new RADAR units


On March 8th 2016, The Town of Parker Police Department was awarded $7,364.16 for the purchase of four new RADAR units by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Parker P.D. says the purchase of the RADAR units will help Parker Police Officers with traffic enforcement on speeding and reckless drivers.

A press release reads:

“Public safety is Parker Police Department’s top concern. This includes the safety of the motoring public in and around the Town of Parker. It is our goal to make sure everyone who travels within our roadways does so in a safe and courteous manner. The Parker Police Department is very grateful to the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for their continued support for the safety of not just the Town of Parker but the State of Arizona.”


  1. Justin Keep

    Jennifer Johnston slow down.

  2. Joe Lopez

    Need to use them new units on themselves! La Paz Sheriffs department seems to think they are above the law. Just ask officer Portugal who drives 80mph thrust construction zones. Start by policing yourselves!

  3. Candi Evans

    How do you know how fast he’s going? And in stead of calling him out on fb why not be man enough to call a patrol supervisor if you’re so sure you know what you’re talking about?

  4. Joe Lopez

    Because, Candi Evans, I was in the back seat watching the speedo climbing past 80mph. And I did tell his supervisors that I was going to call him out on social media, so I am!

  5. Candi Evans

    And why were you in the back seat?

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