Meet the Candidates to be reported live HERE!


The Parker Area Chamber of Commerce will host Meet the Candidates on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and Parker Live will be reporting them live on this website as they happen.

The August 30th primary election in La Paz County will include many local offices and will begin with early voting ballots being sent out on August 3rd. The Meet the Candidates event goes back many years, and brings candidates for those offices onto the stage to talk about their platform and answer questions from the community.


On Tuesday, starting at 6:15pm at Parker Community/Senior Center, candidates for the offices of La Paz County Supervisor Districts 1, 2 and 3 will be heard, followed by candidates for Parker Town Council. Then on Wednesday, starting at 6:15pm at the same venue, candidates for the offices of La Paz County Assessor, County Attorney, County School Superintendent and County Sheriff will be heard.


The candidates for each office will be invited to the stage and will be allotted 3 minutes to talk about their platform. Live questions from the floor will be entertained. Each person asking a question will state their name, where they live and direct a question to any of the candidates for that office. The person asking the question will have 30 seconds and the candidates will have 1 minute to respond. Each candidate for that office will be permitted to answer each question.


Parker Live will liveblog the events on this website as they happen. Every few minutes after the event begins at 6:15pm, refresh the page to see the latest. At the end you’ll be able to read through our coverage of the entire event and that will be a permanent post. The same will apply for both nights. Please keep comments constructive and not personal.

For a list of official candidates on the ballot, go HERE.

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