Stolen boat recovered, arrests made


A boat that was stolen from the Moovalya Keys neighborhood of the Parker Strip has been recovered after a 36-mile high-speed chase in Desert Hot Springs. The 28-foot orange and purple Aftershock Violator was spotted being towed on I-10 after a driver saw a widely-shared Facebook post alerting users to the theft.

“Just saw it in Desert Hot Springs,” a Facebooker wrote. “Riverside [County Sheriff] have the driver on the ground guns pulled.”
“Just saw it in DHS too!” replied another.

Parker Live spoke to Katie LaCoste, whose parents own the boat. She said that her parents are retired and rent the ground floor of a house in the Keys, where they spend their time when they’re not in San Diego with the family. The boat was stolen sometime around July 17th from the driveway of the house.

“There were multiple people involved in this theft,” she said. “It was stolen with a Ford truck, but two other vehicles were involved when they made the arrests.”

After it was stolen, Katie put a photo of the boat on Facebook with a caption – “Stolen boat” – and encouraged people to share it around. It was shared hundreds of times, and after two days there was a hit. A driver in the Coachella Valley who had seen the post spotted the boat being towed and called Katie from the highway.

“We talked about details written on the back of the boat and he sped through traffic to catch up to them and continued to follow them,” she said.

The suspects apparently realized they were being followed, according to Katie, because they began to speed away and allegedly hit speeds of up to 100 mph. The driver told Katie that at least two other vehicles traveling with the boat tried to block the follower and obscure the license plate.

“They were trying to run them off the road,” she said. “Finally the cops came, they weren’t going to come at first. They ended up calling La Paz County and they coordinated. Five cop cars and a helicopter showed up, guns were drawn, and they made multiple arrests. They were almost at the chop shop when they got pulled over.”

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department reportedly arrested the occupants of the vehicle towing the boat, so multiple jurisdictions are involved and the case would ultimately be handled in Parker.

According to Katie, although they got the boat back in an essentially happy ending, the boat’s drive is damaged and there’s something wrong with the engine. It may have been run without water or there may have been some other means of unintentional damage inflicted on it. Batteries, lifejackets and other items from inside the boat are missing too.

“My parents are retired and on a fixed income now. They couldn’t afford the insurance recently, so it was really important to get the boat back. They’ll need to sell it,” she said.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the theft with Parker Live and said that it is an open case. Although reports suggest that the perpetrators have close ties to the Parker area, there’s no confirmation of that from the Sheriff’s Office.

Katie thanked the Parker community for its help, saying, “I literally can’t thank each and every one of you who shared this enough. I spent hours posting this in groups to get the word out, and social media literally got this boat found! We seriously are insanely thankful and owe each and every one of you.”


  1. Holly Monroe

    Happy ending. Parker seems to be a hub for thieves lately.

  2. Jeff Danger Schmitz

    Of course it’s DHS. I’m not surprised. I’m stoked they caught the POS.

  3. Patrick B. O

    Stupid thieves. Social media is amazing.

  4. Roberta McCormick

    so glad they caught the thief and you will be getting your boat back!

  5. I followed this boat down Florida Avenue in Hemet a couple of weeks ago. Stuck out like a sore thumb here but we have a place in Havasu so I took notice. The prop was thrashed! Since our out drive was in the shop I took a picture of it!

  6. Diane

    Angela Veeder. We might want to think twice about leaving stuff outside. This is ridiculous. Pretty bold move since they stole it from a gated community.

  7. Justin Keep

    Jennifer Jeffrey Quadrozzi show Jeff.

  8. Mike Davidson

    Ha ha. Looks kinda like it

  9. Robert Aldana

    Bout’ time we got one found , I myself have lost 5 boats at the river ( Laughlin area ) never found hide nor hair nor The land creepers who tookum’

  10. Charles Howe

    That was my first thought.
    Orange U Jealous.

  11. Mike Davidson

    Hey it was an aftershock.

  12. Gracie Schetter

    Wish people would keep their hands off of what isn’t theirs!

  13. Conrad Castell

    Fixed income lmmfao! You don’t own a boat like that on a fixed income unless your fixed income is 150k a year.

  14. Robert McCormick

    That’s a 100 mph boat , well on land good job public we need a quick link to share stolen items get more of our stuff back and thieves off the streets

  15. Great job!

  16. Conrad- The lady explained to me that her dad did well years ago in business and bought the boat back then. Since then, family economics have changed significantly. I have no reason to doubt her; I’m sure you don’t either.

  17. Marianna Benner

    I was concerned about that too everything is put away so all good. Sometimes I think people get too drunk and they would take something in their drunken stupor or sing REO Speedwagon songs whichever comes first 😉

  18. Marianna Benner

    We take care of each other here that’s what make Parker a great place to live 🙂

  19. Brian Locklin

    Sounds little fishy.
    It’s a cat you can not damage the drive by simply driving down the road. And they claim there are engine issues….

    I doubt the individuals ran the engine outside the water if they were stealing it.

    I am sure they are previous issues that the boat owner is claiming now.

  20. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    anyone know the names of the theives that cant work for a living and have to steal from people that earned what they own. would b great to get their names out.. i havnt read thru all posts, maybe i missed it. the theives names.

  21. That’s not the point! We’ve worked hard all these years to have things for our enjoyment for ourselveselves and our family. To have others steal and take it is a criminal and should be fealty with.

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