Parker cycling group growing fast


A group of bicyclists is growing fast in Parker, even as the temperatures peak and stay in triple digits until late every night.

Parker Cycling has added 4 new riders just in the past month, according to local cyclist Joaquin Vences. The group rides a few times a week in the evenings starting around 7:30pm, with average rides around 22 miles, and a longer ride on the weekends from 30 to 45 miles.

The group also participates in cycling events outside of the Parker area. Recently, some cyclists from Parker rode at the Ruta del Vino Bike Ride in Baja, Mexico, a world-class cycling event that tours the Guadalupe Valley. Silvino Charvira came in 44th at 1:24, John Burns came in 167th with two flats at 1:42, and Arnulfo Camarena came in 170th at around 1:45.

Parker Cycling is a casual, open group that welcomes anybody with a bike to join for any of the evening rides at any time.

“We want to invite people in the community to come ride with us,” Joaquin said. “We’ll be posting dates and times at the Parker Cycling Facebook page for anybody who’s interested in joining.”

As far as how to beat the heat, there’s only one answer: “Lots and lots of water!”


  1. Mr Wright – good story – hope it encourages lots of folks (especially kids) to get out on thier bikes. As for terminology, however, unless you are exercising poetic license, the terms for “bicycler” and “cycler” are more commonly expresessed as ‘bicyclist’ and ‘cyclist’ . . . just fyi.

  2. Touché Doug! Corrected!

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