Man who sprayed rock charged in court


A man who created a stir a year ago after he posted a picture of himself on Facebook apparently spraying graffiti on a river rock has been formally charged in connection with the incident.

Bob Garland of Corona, CA appeared in La Paz County Superior Court on Monday where he was charged with felony criminal damage for spray-painting the side of well-known river landmark ‘Idiot Rock’ back in August 2015. He appeared with his attorney Michael Frame after receiving a summons to face the charges here in Parker.

The incident drew the outrage of the Parker community on Parker Live, with our Facebook page and original article about it running to thousands of views and broad condemnation of the act. ‘Idiot Rock’ is the name colloquially given to the area on the Parker Strip where people jump off into the river near Sundance Saloon.

To Garland’s credit, someone using his name apologized on Parker Live after the uproar, claiming he coined the name of the rock in 1979 and said it was on his bucket list to paint it. “I’m sorry if I offended anybody,” he wrote, adding, “I’ll never paint anything again.”

According to sources, the Bureau of Land Management is still to determine a cleanup cost for the vandalism. Parker Live was told last year that the cleanup is a specialized process which avoids polluting the river with chemicals.

Recently, some unknown persons covered the white paint with a color that matched the rock, effectively making it less of an eyesore.



  1. Lisa Lucas

    I’m glad something was done, hopefully very expensive for him so he won’t be back.

  2. Jesus Magallon

    Wtf is wrong with you people??

  3. Horn Jenny

    Did he not get a clue that no one else had painted on any rocks??

  4. Heather Piercy

    Pretty old to be doing that punishment should painting older people’s houses

  5. Jack Schuitt

    Dumb ass and his buddy’s.

  6. Kathy Denton

    He should be charged and made to pay restitution and community service.

  7. Ron Martinez

    It Amazes Me how Much of an Idiot He Is ? Your not a Stupid Kid ! Your a Grown Old “F*+~ing Idiot

  8. Mody Clark

    And how OLD was this person sick ASS HOLD

  9. Natalie Wood

    Friggin idiots!! Go paint up your own shit in CA!!!!

  10. Natalie Wood

    Just charge the hell out of him and forbid his presence in the Parker area ever again!!

  11. And looking at the rock now can not see it, I was mad he was even charged with a crime.the locals should be charged for some of the ways that they live .I’m not a fan of Parker or the people who live here I am going to go back to las Vegas. I hope your all drop ill and stay that way.

  12. Deanna Fandrey

    Great what a idiot!! Mentally ill!!

  13. Is this Steve Potter for real?? What an absolute freakin idiot!!
    Go home to Vegas where you belong!!!

  14. Jennilee Martin

    Apology is needed … and how old is he? Omg

  15. Steve potters dad buster was a great man. WTF happened to steve

  16. Steve Potter claims to be a friend of the tagger. Well that’s not a surprise. You sound just as idiotic as Mr Garland appears. “Birds of a feather flock together. ” Please go back to Vegas. ..and stay in Vegas.

  17. I also am glad, the idiot has been charged, not happy however about this comment tho. “Locals should be charged, for WHAT???? We are a family in parker, and we stick together! GO BACK TO VEGAS, AND NEVER SET FOOT BACK IN PARKER.

  18. Gary Roglin

    I’m glad they charged him. Now the dumbass has a felony for being stupid!

  19. Dray-Tron Stephenson

    What is the penalty for this? I don’t believe the article says ti.

  20. Casey Moorman

    Out of all the rocks to tag, it does seem fitting the dummy spray painted “IDIOT” rock. Seems a little old to be tagging anything though. Maybe his Bucket list ought to include: “clean “IDIOT” rock”, or “set better example for others”. That part of the river is gorgeous, why would anyone think that would be okay?? V-

  21. great he hired frame as his attorney that means he will lose his case, much better lawyers outside of parker

  22. Why do people want to vandalize nature ? The trash left behind is bad enough . Hope the conviction results in a felony . If you are stupid enough to paint a rock you aren’t smart enough to vote . Hopefully a little time in jail and a well endowed cell mate will teach this moron a lesson he might enjoy but not forget !

  23. this is the real steve potter. this blog was just now brought to my attention from a friend of mine. i can honestly say i did not write what was written on august 3. i love parker and most of the people here ive been coming here since 72 and moved here permanently in 82. i did move to vegas for 10 years then came back. that was obviously written by someone who has a problem with me who is to much of a coward to bring it to me directly and deal with it face to face. to the people of parker, i dont wish anything bad to happen to you. to this person who has no balls, and hides behind a blog, eat shit. youre the kind of person that i do not like here in parker.

  24. This is just the mindset of people living and visiting the area. It is called “old white entitlement” and it is destroying life on the river.

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