PAID: Anna Camacho for County Assessor


Tomorrow, August 30th, is the last day to vote in the 2016 Primary Election and I am asking for your vote.

During the campaign, I have met many new people who are now my friends, like the many I have known throughout my life since my childhood growing up in the Parker school system. I cannot express how much you mean to me. I am truly blessed by the overwhelming support that I have received to be your next County Assessor. I will not let you down.

This campaign has been hard-fought and I commend my opponent for running an issues-oriented campaign. I have focused on important issues because I know that La Paz County citizens are hungry for new ideas and new leadership. This election is about one massive, glaring issue: do the citizens of La Paz County want to continue to allow the same few people to control the county and continue to run it into the ground? My answer is no.

When I am sworn into office in early January 2017, I will hit the ground running and begin the process to improve customer service dramatically, making key personnel changes. I will begin the process to upgrade the out-of-date website that is currently being used by the Assessor’s Office. I will be a hands-on Assessor and begin the process to have a county-wide assessment completed, which has never been done by the current Assessor during her five years in office.

With your support, I know the Assessor’s Office can and will do better for the citizens of this great County and I am asking for your vote tomorrow, August 30th. Thank you.

Anna Camacho

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