Local Republican races are the ones to watch in Tuesday’s primary


Three key races on the Republican ballot will be the ones to watch in Tuesday’s Arizona Primary Election in La Paz County.

The Board of Supervisors District 2 race is the most populated, with 5 candidates vying to be the official Republican choice on the ballot. Whoever wins Tuesday’s primary will be on the General Election ballot in November against Independent Lucas Marler. The Sheriff race has 3 candidates on the Republican ballot, and whoever wins will be up against Democrat Frank Vidrine in November. Finally, the County Assessor race will be decided Tuesday, with 2 candidates on the Republican ballot and nobody running against whoever wins it in November.

The races to watch:

Board of Supervisors District 2

Jay Clagg
Danny Wayne Dickinson
Duce Minor
George Nault
Charlie Philpot


William ‘Will’ Smith
John Drum
William ‘Bill’ Risen

County Assessor

Anna Camacho
Sharon Schuler


Polls will open at 6am Tuesday and remain open until 7pm. Check Parker Live for election results Tuesday night, whenever available.


  1. flyers flyers flyers

    Received multiple flyers from candidates in the mail today. One was illegal I believe as there was no postage on it. Glad someone other than the USPS is in my mailbox!

  2. Please don’t forget the write in candidate for district 2 supervisor, Pat Jones. He is very qualified and has the taxpayers best interest in mind.

  3. Dennise- Absolutely, this was just about the names on the ballot but Pat Jones is running as a write-in candidate.

  4. Is this the same Pat Jones that flies fighter jets?

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