CRIT PD’s Will Ponce heads to be Chief of Police in Quartzsite


CRIT Police Chief William Ponce is seen giving words of wisdom to Detention Officer Yvette Brenner about her upcoming acadamy as Officers from the Juvenile Detention Center and the Adult Women’s Detention Center line up for one final uniform inspection from Chief Ponce before he leaves to begin the next chapter of his life as Chief of Police for the Town of Quartzsite.

“The Officers and civilian staff of the Juvenile Detention Center and the Adult Women’s Detention Center wish to extend their best wishes to Chief Ponce and to know that he will be deeply missed,” read a press release by Matt Searles at CRIT Police.


  1. Janice Atzinger

    I remember when Will was in grade school. Where have the years gone?!?
    Congratulations Chief Ponce.

  2. Joe Lopez

    Run Forest Run! Because CRIT PD can’t catch you.

  3. I don’t think others from the police department would feel the same. Just ask about the injustice Mr. Ponce has done to a Mohave tribal member that served the community for years.

    Well Hello my Family and Friends I just had to share today my thoughts and opinions… Today my father was suppost to retire today with over 40 years of Service to Our Tribe but Mr. Ponce wants to terminate him instead so he was fired today…..instead of being honored and appreciated for his Service to Our Community and to Our Country since he is a Vetnam Veteran. A lot of you do not know but my father was a long standing Chief of Police here who was instrumental in getting Our officers Arizona State recognized as State officers and he set Jurisdictional laws in place to protect our sovereignty. I just wonder why Our Tribal Council feels it is ok for this Non-tribal to treat an elder, veteran and its Own member this way?????….thank u

    Others will see this day as a blessing he is gone!

  4. Good luck, Chief. You did a great job and will be missed!

  5. David Page Sr.

    Congratulations mr ponce. You’ll be a good leader

  6. Closure in a sense for dysfunctional Q Town. Once was doing Gilbert’s job while he was Sergeant and we need community policing with someone who lives in the community. Renfro was a well meaning bumbler but he left scandal plagued Ewald in charge and that is causing major problems in QPD. Time to heal the Town and Department. Congratulations Ponce it’s long overdue.

  7. Good to get a new chief. We need someone with experience to guide the local law enforcement. As a winter resident we are happy to have him on board.

  8. Candi Evans

    Now he can clean up the mess Renfro started and left behind.

  9. Im with jim Reaves ….QZ PD ….if he was doing such a good job why leave ..

  10. Hey, Jim Reaves why are you hiding your real name? I understand you and your father were up to lots of shananagins destroying the p.d. from the inside. Your no good, and you know it and God knows it. This holy stuff does not work for you, you have to much dirt on you. God is still watching you lol jim reaves…really thats the name ya came up with?

  11. About time he left. He did no good for CRIT nor will he do good for QTZ. Sad that no one really knows the true Wil Ponce. He talked and hated many, but everyone believed his lies.

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