‘Idiot Rock’ tagger pleads guilty in court, to pay restitution


The man who was accused of spray-painting the outcropping of rock known as ‘Idiot Rock’ on the Parker Strip has pleaded guilty to criminal damage, a class six felony, in La Paz County Superior Court.

Bob Garland appeared with his attorney Michael Frame to make the change of plea, in which he acknowledged responsibility for the graffiti which drew outrage on Parker Live in 2015.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Garland would serve 4 days in the county jail, pay no more than $100,000 in restitution which would cover the safe removal of the paint from the river and could also be fined up to $150,000 plus 83 percent surcharges.

Garland’s record will drop to a misdemeanor if and when he successfully completes court-ordered probation. His case is set for sentencing by Judge Samuel Vederman, who presided at today’s change of plea hearing, on October 17th.

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  1. Mary Lemos Jackson

    Now that’s a dumb oldddd man

  2. Woody Holman

    Sharia law says, “The man who tags anything shall have the tagging hangout off”. I like that idea.

  3. Wow ! That’s a potentially huge fine. Hope he has a good paying job.

  4. Valkyre Parker


  5. Debra Vitali

    How about spray painting the word IDIOT on his house. ..

  6. Sharon Pat Moore

    I hope the judge gives him the max sentence, he should know better what kind of message is he sending to kids. STICK IT TO HIM.

  7. Brett Grugel

    What a disrespectful a hole,throw the book at this douchebag…

  8. Be carefull. Dont piss on the sidewalk. Thats at least a fifty thousand dollar fine with a term of imprisonment.

  9. You need to correct the punctuation, John.

    Instead of “Idiot Rock” Tagger it should read: Idiot “Rock Tagger”

  10. That’s s big fine after all i know two people who jumped of and drowned thats why its called idiot rock it could been a warning for future visitors …since nobody else posted signs ..my friend would still be here if it wasnt for the rock …we will just call it 150,000 $ rock maybe it will attract more jumpers

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