To The Editor: From Karen Hobbs


After last night’s ‘Meet the Candidates’ event, I received this from Karen Hobbs, who is the Chief Deputy County Attorney:

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

“I never expected the lyrics of an AC/DC song from the 70s to become the background music for my mother’s teachings about making good choices. My mother taught us kids what she considered to be the conventional wisdom of the day, the same as her mother had taught her. She started with the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” My generation turned that adage into, “What goes around, comes around.” Grandma said, “Chickens come home to roost.” The law considers the “unclean hands” of the person seeking redress. The idea is expressed in different words, but we were all taught some variation of the ancient wisdom that says when you dig a hole as a trap for your neighbor, you are the one who is going to fall into the pit that you dug. The most colorful expression I’ve heard recently for the same concept is, “Don’t wrestle a pig; you’ll both get muddy, but the pig will enjoy it.”

So what do Grandma’s homilies have to do with the political season?

Voting is all about making good choices. You make your bed, then you have to lie in it; you vote for candidates, then you have live with their decisions for the next four years. Sometimes we live with the consequence of those decisions much longer. I urge voters to choose people of good character, leaders who share some concept of the conventional wisdom which says that the choices you make will come home to you.

Elected officials in county, state, and national government will be making choices about law, justice, spending, and allocation of resources. We need to choose leaders who will put the interests of the people ahead of their personal ambitions and private agendas; people who will consider the legacy we will leave to our children and grandchildren.

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap are no bargain. If we elect men and women of anything less than the highest caliber to represent us, the consequences of their ill-considered choices will come down, not only on their own heads, but on ours.”

Karen L. Hobbs

Thanks for the email, Karen. For Parker Live’s coverage of the Meet the Candidates event Wednesday night, go HERE. For our recent related story on the bar complaint mentioned at the event, go HERE.


  1. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap? Like what, deferred prosecution? $1,000 paid to the prosecutors office under Tony Rogers and your troubles go away…. granted it is a legitimate part of the legal process assuming state guidelines are followed…However I question that they were..Sam Vederman only found 50 individuals who met the guidelines…Tony Rogers found 600+ and boosted his budget accordingly while still dunning the county for more…based on statistics that just don’t add up.. which raises another question, why did Tony Rogers not submit those self same statistics for a study grant by the MacArthur Foundation there by losing the Sheriffs office, the Probation Department and all parties involved in the grant process somewhere around $1,000,000..not to mention loss to the county..because Tony Rogers couldn’t and wouldn’t do what he was elected and paid to do….

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap sort of explains any ethics complaints….it even glorifies them.. From reprimands by a presiding disciplinary judge or a former county Attorney (Glenn Buckelew) getting a DUI..

    Or how about ethics complaints against Karen Hobbs and Tony Rogers in the Ackerman case.. which is another world of failure.. 10 years for stepping on an old mans throat and shooting him in the head, while he begged for his life…

    Tell me.. where do the deeds end large or small? Does putting up signs for Rogers re-election on county time without property owners permission count? Hopefully your rambles and “electioneering” arent done on county time using county computers… thats kind of a no-no..

  2. Unlike the pro Rodgers and Hobbs like commentators…. I write under my own name, not fictitious multiple accounts…I also write on my own time and am registered to vote, in my own name……

    Further I am not a county employee who was fired… reasons for taking the time to write are simple

    I just dislike liars….especially when it comes to public office…. Karen Hobbs was fired by Vedermen when he ran the the county attorneys office, now ask yourself “Why?” as you ponder her proven ethics violations and those currently alleged…

    As Karen Hobbs aptly and cynically wrote in her “editorial”…. “If we elect men and women of anything less than the highest caliber to represent us, the consequences of their ill-considered choices will come down, not only on their own heads, but on ours.”

    Simply put… they both fall short of their own posturing..

  3. Bill Moore… Very wonderfully said. They just want to blow smoke. All if these county positions are occupied by rejects that have come to do dirt in these small towns of LaPaz County becausse the think the people are too stupid to see their schemes and deceptions.

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