Brooke Water issues to be addressed at public forum

Brooke Water, LLC is to be the big topic on Thursday, November 3rd when the Arizona Corporation Commission will address recent water outages, water quality and customer service issues in a public forum.

Manager Robert Hardcastle in front of the Arizona Corporation Commission in September

Some of Brooke’s customers have experienced ongoing problems with the utility, which serves about 2,000 residences and businesses along the Parker Strip north of Parker and is managed by Robert Hardcastle of Bakersfield. In August, the company had a reported five water line breaks over just three days. Outages were continuing to leave taps dry as recently as Friday at Bobby Ds Diner, according to owner Lawny Reese-Caracci, who got in touch with Parker Live.

The Arizona Corporation Commissioners grilled Hardcastle last month about the issues, and talked about initiating legal procedures to take over the utility if service could not be improved quickly. The commissioners blamed Hardcastle for taking profits from the company while failing to address service problems. One commissioner said he was “angry” and alleged corner-cutting “to make a buck.” Hardcastle replied that he had made mistakes and wanted to make improvements.

Some customers said the water was “smelly” and “discolored” and complained that an overseas call center provided poor service. The Commission ordered Brooke to establish a local call center.

The Commission’s Consumer Services Staff will be at La Paz County Sheriff’s Office at 8484 Riverside Drive in Parker on Thursday, November 3rd from 10am until 5pm to meet with customers individually, take informal complaints and gather evidence for possible enforcement action. To book an appointment on that day with one of the Commission’s staff members, call (800) 222-7000.

The public forum will be held at the same location at 6pm, with a comment session hosted by the Commission. Any member of the public may attend and offer public comment on any issues with respect to the provision of water service by Brooke Water.


  1. Pat McAfee Tanges

    Still waiting to get a water meter !

  2. John Taggy

    Is that Mr. Henson who lived upriver in the 90’s?

  3. Brooke Water makes the case that only municipalities should handle vital city services. I am a customer and can say that they have the absolute worst service, worst staff and are a completely unprofessional outfit! Heaven forbid they screw up and not charge you for service until three days later when your water is suddenly shut off without warning! I’m sure just about everyone that is forced to use Brooke Water has a similar story..

  4. David Spurlock

    I love your profile picture.

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