Urgent Care at La Paz Regional to open again Dec 26

UPDATE 12/21: Urgent Care is to open again on December 26th.



The Urgent Care service at La Paz Regional Hospital is to be closed temporarily due to a provider shortage, according to a press release Monday.

“We understand this is an inconvenience during flu season and are working hard to ensure this transition is as quick as possible,” the statement said. “This does not affect the Emergency Room, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We appreciate your patience and support and will notify the public as soon as the Urgent Care services return. For illnesses that are normally treated by Urgent Care services, the following clinics will work hard to accommodate walk-in visits, or call to book an appointment:

La Paz Healthcare: Parker Clinic – (928) 669-5550
La Paz Medical Services in Quartzsite – (928) 927-8747
Parker Medical Center – (928) 669-2225
Parker Family Practice – (928) 699-9700
Bouse Medical Clinic – (928) 851-2177
Tri-Valley Medical Center in Salome – (928) 859-3460”

La Paz Regional is offering free health screenings on December 9th (see HERE for details). Parker Live will update this article when Urgent Care is open again.


  1. Juan J C Gonzalez

    Are they replacing staff and Dr I hope so because they need new everything equipment and all.

  2. So My Co pay for urgent care is 30 dollars and co pay for ER is 750 dollars. Wow

  3. They still charge the ER price for an Urgent care visit.

  4. Mike, they sure do. It’s ok though they got their payment over a year’s time. As long as you pay them something, they can’t do anything about it. That’s what everyone should do if they are billed incorrectly. Watch out over there at La Paz Regional.

  5. River rat, they also send out the 1st bill bit claim it is the 2nd bill and then say you are delinquent so you can’t dispute the charges. I thought is was just me but I’ve learned it has happened to others.

  6. Could not be at a worse time for sure.I am always amazed how things like this just seem to happen during our most busy time in Parker.and yes Co pay for ER is so much more.This really hurts Parker residents .We cant get into our Doctors in a timely manner in the winter ,now it seems we must go to to Havasu for urgent care….I hope the staffing will increase for the ER…..This doesnt make me happy.

  7. Lori Chapman DiMaggio

    Oh no, my husband and I had wonderful care at La Paz Regional Urgent Care ????!

  8. Is this the result of the limited access area that providers are sucked in to by Obamacare ?

  9. Jane Kendall

    Becasue their PA went to work someplace else.

  10. What is a “Provider Shortage” and how long will it last?

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