New CEO announced at La Paz Regional Hospital

Kevin Brown has been named CEO of La Paz Regional Hospital by the hospital’s Board of Directors effective January 1st, 2017.

Brown has been employed with La Paz Regional Hospital (LPRH) since 2009 and has an extensive background in both Information Technology and Technical Project Management. He is a long-time Parker resident of 28 years with six years of military service. He was also last year’s recipient of the Judith Rich Healthcare Leadership Scholarship which enabled Kevin to participate in the 2016 Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership Program.

The new CEO is looking to expand the services offered to La Paz County residents in the coming years. “Ensuring that patients receive quality healthcare close to home is a priority of mine and the Board of Directors,” says Kevin. A new 2017-2019 Strategic Plan was formed over the last year and Kevin was instrumental in guiding La Paz Regional Hospital’s direction for the future.

When asked about the new plan, Kevin shared, “Building a new facility for our Urgent Care services, continuing to expand our veterans services and reaching out to the communities to meet their health education needs are all a part of the new Strategic Plan.”

“We are excited about the direction that Kevin is going to take the hospital,” said Board President, Cheryl Montijo. “Healthcare is changing and the hospital needs strong leadership, we believe Kevin is the right person for the job.”

LPRH is a not-for-profit Critical Access Hospital serving La Paz County and surrounding California areas. LPRH has a network of inpatient and outpatient services, clinics, imaging centers and affiliations as part of its operations as regional provider of health and wellness services.


  1. Juan J C Gonzalez

    How about expanding the emergency room services. Making it more quick and efficient.

  2. Amy Hanson

    How about just giving care that’s up to standards!!

  3. Cynda Prather

    That hospital is horrible! The er staff is the absolute worst!!!!!!

  4. Melissa Wright

    Hi Cynda – I’m the Community Relations Liaison for LPRH. If you have a specific incident you would like to talk about, I can arrange a time to chat over the phone or in person.

  5. Melissa Wright

    Hi Amy – I’m the Community Relations Liaison for LPRH. If you have a specific complaint you’d like to talk about, you can contact me and we can set up a time to chat over the phone or in person. We are committed to offering quality care and I’m hear to listen to any concerns you might have. Let me know and I’ll send you my office number.

  6. Juan J C Gonzalez

    Melissa Wright yes I would.

  7. Melissa Wright

    Juan J C Gonzalez just sent you a pm.

  8. Cynda, yes the ER was not up to par. As of august of last year they contracted with a new company for medical providers in the ER. My girlfiend started there in oct 2016. She bust her ass for 12 hrs a day, so i take offence to your comment. Go to the admistration and talk about your horrible experience. Have a good day

  9. I don’t understand why this is considered a “rural Hospital “,I had very simple test ther requested by my doctor, Medicare reimbursement was nil. Cost me more than I could afford, will never go back there again, will do my test in Havasu regional hospital wher Medicare reimbursement is fair.u

  10. Jennifer Johnston

    Congratulations Kevin Brown!!

  11. This article is laughable, to say the least, and is just rhetoric that is used to publish an article in the paper while falsely misleading the community at large. It is the same as the FALSE NEWS now being exposed by Donald Trump against the media.
    La Paz Hospital does not support local physicians and has driven good doctors out of town. They have no interest in supporting V.A. patients; they have opposed the idea of a nursing home and extended care facility in Parker; and have a terrible relationship with Indian health services. The previous management and administration did not care about the community and I DO NOT think this will change since we still have a Chairman of the board (Montijo) that has been there for years and done nothing but tried to hurt the hospital and cause contention in the community. Mr. Brown has been “tutored” by these same people so I do not expect anything to change.

  12. Bruce, it’s a little weird that you attack a new CEO just as he’s coming on board. It shows a small mind and a bad attitude. Let the new guy show what he can do. And I hope the positive changes that there have been and the good people who work there continue to make improvements to OUR hospital – make us proud!

  13. Dear JR
    I have been in this community for over 47 years am not “attacking ” the new CEO–my comments are to point out to him and the community that what he has been told and what is REALITY are totally different. I and many other GOOD people have worked for many years trying to improve this community and the hospital and their efforts have been thwarted by the “board”, many of which neither live here or have never done business in this community. The previous CEO lived in California. Another recent “short-term” CEO last year made similar statements for the future and was gone 3 months later.
    I do not have a “bad attitude”- just take a look at the other comments posted and you will see that the public has a bad view of La Paz and it is not going to change–unless, as they say–actions speak louder than words.

  14. I am Very Pleased with La Paz Regional Hospital !
    Staff was responsive to the med crisis I endured.
    They were pleasant, professional, and effective.
    The facility was attractive and clean in appearance.
    If I were to make any suggestion it would be for a great deal of H signage for travelers, such as myself, posted in appropriate locations, advising directions and location.
    Thank you very much, in my time of need !

  15. As my mother was in the ER last evening and was told by the ER physician to go make a “dog shit sandwich and eat it” because she’s a smoker!! Never treated her respiratory complaint nor recognized that she’s an autoimmuned compromised patient were simple viruses lead her to pneumonia!! Thanks for your inattention to healthcare needs by your community or visitor.. and lack of communication tactful skills of which you didnt even tell her the results of her stay results or place her on the proper medications!!!

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